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1-May-2020Environmental pre-requisites and social interchange : the participation experience of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder in ZurichKrieger, Beate; Piškur, Barbara; Schulze, Christina; Beurskens, Anna; Moser, Albine
May-2020Joint position error after neck protraction-retraction movements in healthy office workers : a cross-sectional studyPürckhauer, Helen; Rast, Fabian; Nicoletti, Corinne; Ernst, Markus
29-Apr-2020Home care quality indicators based on the Resident Assessment Instrument-Home Care (RAI-HC) : a systematic reviewWagner, Aylin; Schaffert, René; Möckli, Nathalie; Zúñiga, Franziska; Dratva, Julia
Apr-2020The associations of palliative care experts regarding food refusal : a cross-sectional study with an open question evaluated by triangulation analysisFringer, André; Stängle, Sabrina; Büche, Daniel; Ott, Stefan Ch.; Schnepp, Wilfried
26-Mar-2020Risks and benefits of web-based patient narratives : systematic reviewDrewniak, Daniel; Glässel, Andrea; Hodel, Martina; Biller-Andorno, Nikola
Mar-2020Geburt durch telefonische Nachgespräche verarbeitenGrylka, Susanne; Aeberli, Regula; Maute, Monique; Günthard, Barbara; Meier Käppeli, Barbara; Leutenegger, Vanessa; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
Mar-2020Electronic health literacy in Swiss-German parents : cross-sectional study of eHealth literacy scale unidimensionalityJuvalta, Sibylle; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Jaks, Rebecca; Baumann, Isabel; Dratva, Julia
26-Feb-2020Berufssituation der Hebammen in Einrichtungen mit und ohne hebammengeleitete Geburtshilfe in einem Schweizer KantonGrylka, Susanne; Borner, Barbara; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
17-Feb-2020Coaching approaches in early intervention and paediatric rehabilitationAkhbari Ziegler, Schirin; Hadders‐Algra, Mijna
4-Feb-2020Process evaluation of a workplace-based health promotion and exercise cluster-randomised trial to increase productivity and reduce neck pain in office workers : a RE-AIM approachWelch, Alyssa; Healy, Genevieve; Straker, Leon; Comans, Tracy; O'Leary, Shaun; Melloh, Markus; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Pereira, Michelle; Chen, Xiaoqi; Johnston, Venerina
Feb-2020Interprofessionelle Zusammenarbeit im Delir-Management gestaltenMoser, Andrea; Grosse, Christine Uta; Knüppel Lauener, Susanne
25-Jan-2020High-intensity interval training affects physical components of quality of life and skills in daily activities in multiple sclerosis : interim analysis of a randomized controlled trialProschinger, Sebastian; Weise, Andrea; Gonzenbach, Roman; Bansi, Jens, et al
21-Jan-2020Implementation of a multiprofessional, multicomponent delirium management guideline in two intensive care units, and its effect on patient outcomes and nurse workload : a pre-post design retrospective cohort studySchubert, Maria; Bettex, Dominique; Steiger, Peter; Schrch, Roger; Haller, Alois; Bogdanovic, Jasmina; Garcia Nuez, David; Schwarz, Urs; Siegemund, Martin
3-Jan-2020Applicability of the user engagement scale to mobile health : a survey-based quantitative studyHoldener, Marianne; Gut, Alain; Angerer, Alfred
2020An investigation into the association of the physical fitness of equestrians and their riding performance : a cross-sectional studyAegerter, Andrea; Latif, Selma; Weishaupt, Michael; Gubler, Barbara; Rast, Fabian; Klose, Andreas; Pauli, Carole; Meichtry, André; Bauer, Christoph
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