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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013Was sind gute Messungen/Assessments in manueller Therapie?Luomajoki, Hannu
2013Neuropatian testausLuomajoki, Hannu
2013LWS – Bewegungskontrolle und Körperwahrnehmung – Tests und ManagementoptionenLuomajoki, Hannu
Jul-2012The influence of a 4-week treadmill training using unstable shoes in patients with low back painStegen, Cordula Mareike; Schelldorfer, Sarah; Bauer, Christoph; Kool, Jan
May-2012Swiss research priorities : how are they defined and what is expected?Nast, Irina; Barbero, Marco; Schoeb, Veronika; Tal, Amir; Masotti, Barbara; Rau, Barbara; Schmid, Stefan; Kool, Jan
2012What do patients, politicians, physiotherapists and other health professionals think about physiotherapy research? : a nation-wide qualitative studySchoeb, Veronica; Rau, Barbara; Nast, Irina; Barbero, Marco; Tal, Amir; Kool, Jan
2012Direkt zur Physiotherapie? : Vorgehen Schweizer Physiotherapeutinnen und -therapeuten im Fall des DirektzugangsNast, Irina; Allet, Lara; Scheermesser, Mandy; Stegen, Cordula Mareike; Bürge, Elisabeth; Schämann, Astrid
2012Implementation of collaborative strategies and multiple mentoring models to facilitate peer learning in clinical educationHartmeier, Anita; Ernst, Markus
2012Sechs Richtige : mit der Testbatterie die lumbale Bewegungskontrolle untersuchenLuomajoki, Hannu
2012Curricula modifications in the postgraduate musculoskeletal program from asociation based to academic master levelLuomajoki, Hannu
2012Movement control exercise versus general exercise : patient and therapist treatment adherenceSaner-Bissig, Jeannette; Kool, Jan; Luomajoki, Hannu; de Bie, Rob A.; Sieben, Judith M.
Sep-2011Technical validation of a new movement therapy system for treatment of low back painBauer, Christoph; Baumgartner, Lukas; Schelldorfer, Sarah; Ernst, Markus; Lawrence, Marc
2011Direktzugang zur Physiotherapie in der Schweiz : kulturelle Validierung eines Fragebogens und Untersuchung der Einstellung von PhysiotherapeutenScheermesser, Mandy; Allet, L.; Bürge, E.; Stegen, Cordula Mareike; Nast, Irina; Schämann, Astrid
2011Bewegungsapparat : Assessments in der RehabilitationOesch, Peter; Hilfiker, Roger; Keller, Sonja; Kool, Jan; Luomajoki, Hannu; Schädler, Stefan; Tal-Akabi, Amir; Verra, Martin; Widmer Leu, Colette
2011Cortical changes in chronic low back pain : current state of the art and implications for clinical practiceWand, Benedict Martin; Parkitny, Luke; O'Connell, Neil Edward; Luomajoki, Hannu; McAuley, James Henry; Thacker, Michael; Moseley, G. Lorimer
Results 151-165 of 172 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).