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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20-Aug-2015Becoming an adult : experiences of individuals affected by chronic childhood disease and their families during transition into adulthood - a systematic literature reviewWaldboth, Veronika; Patch, C.; Mahrer Imhof, Romy; Metcalfe, A.
20-Aug-2015Preparedness to care : the effects of family-oriented nurse-led counseling for family members of older personsMahrer Imhof, Romy; Hediger, Hannele; Imhof, Lorenz
19-Aug-2015Family involvement in an orthopedic clinic : does it make a difference?Zigan, Nicole; Seitz, J.; Müller, V.; Imhof, Lorenz
Aug-2015Emotional reaction in nursing home residents with dementia-associated apathy: a pilot studyTreusch, Yvonne; Page, Julie; van der Luijt, Cornelis; Beciri, Mina; Benitez, Rebeca; Stammler, Maria; Marcar, Valentine Leslie
6-Jul-2015Aging prisoners in Switzerland : an analysis of their healthcare utilizationWangmo, Tenzin; Meyer, Andrea H.; Handtke, Violet; Bretschneider, Wiebke; Page, Julie; Sommer, Jens; Stuckelberger, Astrid; Aebi, Marcelo F.; Elger, Bernice S.
Jul-2015Accuracy of the new "Kinect for Xbox one" in physiotherapeutic exercises of the lower bodyKuster, Roman; Bauer, Christoph; Heinlein, Bernd; Graf, Eveline
30-Jun-2015Skin problems in palliative careGrocott, P.; Gethin, G.; Probst, Sebastian
25-Jun-2015Symptom management : evidence-based learning and teachingRieder, Evelyn; Häusermann, Sara Ursula
24-Jun-2015Die Entwicklung des Planspiels TelemedizinKrieger, Beate; Küng, Cécile
22-Jun-2015Birth stool for the midwife : ein Modell für die didaktische Umsetzung der Regelabweichung in der GeburtshilfeSpiegel-Hefel, Elisabeth; Stiefel, Andrea
19-Jun-2015Formulating goals in occupational therapy : state of the art in SwitzerlandPage, Julie; Roos, Kim Caroline; Bänziger, Andreas; Margot-Cattin, Isabel; Agustoni, Stefania; Rossini, Emmanuelle; Meichtry, André; Meyer, Sylvie
17-Jun-2015Swiss Research Agenda for Nursing : implementation status and nursing studies 2007-2014Zigan, Nicole; Müller Staub, Maria
Jun-2015Schulbasierte Ergotherapie in Schweizer RegelschulenKaelin, Vera; Kocher Stalder, Cornelia; Schulze, Christina; Echsel, Angelika; Ray-Kaeser, Sylvie; Santinelli, Lietta
Jun-2015Skillstraining und simulationsbasiertes Lernen : effektive Methoden zur Erlangung beruflicher KompetenzenMeili-Hauser, Cynthia
Jun-2015Novel trunk training device for patients early post strokeKuster, Roman; Gossweiler, Lukas; Bauer, Christoph; Baumgartner, Daniel; Geert, Verheyden
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