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2019Which outcome domains are important in palliative care and when? : an international expert consensus workshop, using the nominal group techniquede Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Dawkins, Marsha; Wicks, Francesca; Pask, Sophie; Eagar, Kathy; Evans, Catherine J; Higginson, Irene J; Murtagh, Fliss E M
2019Alternative Religiosität und Spiritualität in der Palliative CareMezger, Mirjam
2019Gemeinsam auf dem Weg in Richtung «Grünes Spital»Stucki, Matthias; Meyer, Stefan
2019Recommended - not recommended : the essential parameters for high quality in clinical education - a students perspectiveLaube, Barbara; Künzli, Nadia; Hauser, Iris; Brakmeier, Rainer
2019Walter Stoeckel : Protegé für viele im Dritten ReichLoytved, Christine; Schwager, Monika
2019Siegfried Stephan : geburtshilfliche Fotografien als LehrmittelLoytved, Christine; Peters, Anja K.
2019Towards an automatic assessment of impaired handwriting (and visuo-motor skills) in children with ADHDZysset, Annina; Stapel, Leonie; Dratva, Julia; Juvalta, Sibylle; Robin, Dominik; Albermann, Kurt; von Rhein, Michael; Wieber, Frank
Jan-2019The impact of social isolation on pain interference : a longitudinal studyKarayannis, Nicholas V.; Baumann, Isabel; Sturgeon, John A.; Melloh, Markus; Mackey, Sean C.
2019Long‐term care nurses' attitudes and the incidence of voluntary stopping of eating and drinking : a cross‐sectional studyStängle, Sabrina; Schnepp, Wilfried; Büche, Daniel; Fringer, André
2019Inter-institutional variations in oxytocin augmentation during labour in German university hospitals : a national surveyHelbig, Sonja; Petersen, Antje; Sitter, Erika; Daly, Deirdre; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2019Caregivers' experiences with the new family‐centred paediatric physiotherapy programme COPCA : a qualitative studyAkhbari Ziegler, Schirin; Mitteregger, Elena; Hadders‐Algra, Mijna
2019Psychoeducative and relationship-centered interventions for families living with neuromuscular diseases during the affected young person's transition into adulthood : a meta-synthesisWaldboth, Veronika; Reichart, Christine; Grädel Messerli, Barbara
2019Qualitätsbericht 2018 : ausserklinische Geburtshilfe in DeutschlandLoytved, Christine
2019Delineating the concept of self-management in chronic conditions : a concept analysisVan de Velde, Dominique; De Zutter, Freya; Satink, Ton; Costa, Ursula; Janquart, Sara; Senn, Daniela; De Vriendt, Patricia
2019Die Macht des Computerspielers : strukturelle Kopplung als Determinante spielbezogener WirkungsprozesseLippuner, Florian
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