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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Dec-2023Thermochemical storage networks for integration of renewable energy sources through seasonal load shiftingBaldini, Luca; Zambrano, Juan Mahecha
23-Nov-2023Seeing democracy like a cityBeveridge, Ross; Koch, Philippe
Oct-2023Feminist practices in architecture : how women develop resistance through criticism and actionD'Avolio, Maria Silvia
2-Aug-2023Große Tragreserven bei Einzellasten auf CPC‐PlattenRusch, Mona; Lowiner, Christian; Kurath, Josef
Aug-2023Game over : manifesto for speedrunning architectureGerber, Andri
Jun-2023Arteplagemodell Swiss National Expo 02Zaugg, Maxime
11-May-2023Architektozän – oder : vom Rückgang der Verhältnisgrößen in Werkvorträgen von 75% auf 40%Gerber, Andri
1-May-2023The potential of lake-source district heating and cooling for European buildingsEggimann, Sven; Vivian, Jacopo; Chen, Ruihong; Orehounig, Kristina; Patt, Anthony, et al
19-Apr-2023Stromsparen bei Eng­pässen koordi­nierenRomano, Elliot; Eggimann, Sven
1-Apr-2023Heat transfer constraints and performance mapping of a closed liquid sorption heat storage processFumey, Benjamin; Weber, Robert; Baldini, Luca
2023Beton verbiegt sichLowiner, Christian
2023Advancing and demonstrating the Impact Indices method to screen the sensitivity of building energy use to occupant behaviourMahecha Zambrano, Juan; Gaetani, Isabella; Oberegger, Ulrich Filippi; Salvalai, Graziano
2023FVK Brücken im DauereinsatzLowiner, Christian; Kurath, Josef
2023The zone of instability in architecture : reflection and training with graphic projectionsSchurk, Holger
2023The aesthetics of the programmed surface and its potential for ecological urban and landscape redevelopmentSchurk, Holger
Results 1-15 of 452 (Search time: 0.015 seconds).