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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Generosity, peer-support, and positive development in youthSteinebach, Christoph; Schär Gmelch, Marcel; Knafla, Imke
2019Basic needs, resilience, and general principles in counselingSchär Gmelch, Marcel; Knafla, Imke
2019Change and stability in the media use of Swiss adolescents since 2012Suter, Lilian; Waller, Gregor; Bernath, Jael; Külling, Céline; Willemse, Isabel, et al
2019Effects of career counselling : results of a formative and a summative evaluation programmeKunz, Nicola
2019Guidelines for the pharmacological acute treatment of major depression : conflicts with current evidence as demonstrated with the German S3-guidelinesPlöderl, Martin; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
2019Long-term outcomes of trials in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence depression guidelineMcPherson, Susan; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
2019Reply to the letter to the editor : “newer-generation antidepressants and suicide risk : thoughts on Hengartner and Plöderl’s re-analysis”Hengartner, Michael Pascal; Plöderl, Martin
2019Parenting and late adolescents’ well-being in Greece, Norway, Poland and Switzerland : associations with individuation from parentsFilus, Ania; Schwarz, Beate; Mylonas, Kostas; Sam, David L.; Boski, Pawel
2019Vocational, college and career counseling in Switzerland : blended information and e-counseling in a digitized worldSchreiber, Marc; Reumiller, Daniel
2019Sense of indebtedness : construct measurement quality among second generation immigrantsPfammatter, Pirmin; Schwarz, Beate
2019BEGIN: enhancing immigrants' social and professional integration through intergenerational mentoringSchwarz, Beate; Bennett, Jonathan; Métrailler, Michèle
Dec-2018Kompetenzen für sicheres HandelnHardegger, Simon Carl; Boss, Patrick
20-Nov-2018Gibt es dunkle Seiten von Menschen wirklich?Hardegger, Simon Carl
9-Nov-2018Das TSPP-Modell : eine Blaupause für die Coaching-ProzessforschungDeplazes, Silvia; Graf, Eva-Maria; Künzli, Hansjörg
Nov-2018Innovation "Smart AC" : Assessment Center in KurzformBoss, Patrick; Hardegger, Simon Carl
Results 61-75 of 1235 (Search time: 0.02 seconds).