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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Resilienzfördernde Psychotherapie für Kinder und Jugendliche : Grundbedürfnisse erkennen und erfüllenSteinebach, Christoph; Schär Gmelch, Marcel
2015Überblick: Grundbedürfnisse bei Kindern, Jugendlichen und FamilieSchär Gmelch, Marcel; Steinebach, Christoph
2015Immer ichLippmann, Eric
Dec-2014The role of psychopathological and personality covariates in orgasmic difficulties : a prospective longitudinal evaluation in a cohort of women from age 30 to 50Leeners, Brigitte; Hengartner, Michael Pascal; Rössler, Wulf; Ajdacic-Gross, Vladeta; Angst, Jules
Jul-2014An integrative examination of general personality dysfunction in a large community sampleHengartner, Michael Pascal; de Fruyt, Filip; Rodgers, Stephanie; Müller, Mario; Rössler, Wulf, et al
Jun-2014Youth in transition : building resilience in apprenticeship and child care servicesvon Wyl, Agnes; Gharabaghi, Kiaras; Steinebach, Christoph
May-2014Impact of childhood maltreatment on normal adult personality traits in the general populationHengartner, Michael Pascal; Cohen, Lisa J.
14-Mar-2014Stress und Stressbewältigung durch neue MedienSüss, Daniel
13-Mar-2014Lebenslinie und Persönlichkeitvon Wyl, Agnes
2014Stress und Stressbewältigung durch neue MedienGenner, Sarah; Süss, Daniel
2014Impact of childhood adversity on the onset and course of subclinical psychosis symptoms : results from a 30-year prospective community studyRössler, Wulf; Hengartner, Michael Pascal; Ajdacic-Gross, Vladeta; Haker, Helene; Angst, Jules
2014The joint structure of normal and pathological personality : further evidence for a dimensional modelHengartner, Michael Pascal; Ajdacic-Gross, Vladeta; Rodgers, Stephanie; Müller, Mario; Rössler, Wulf
2014Effects of different facets of paternal and maternal control behaviour on the early adolescents’ perceived academic competenceStutz, Melanie; Schwarz, Beate
2014Eine deutsche Version der Coparenting Relationship ScaleSchwarz, Beate; Kramer, Andrea C.; Moser, Andrea
2014Identität im Zeitalter des Chamäleons : flexibel sein und Farbe bekennenLippmann, Eric
Results 46-60 of 159 (Search time: 0.012 seconds).