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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Family cohesion and the general factor of personality : examining differences in monozygotic twin pairsDunkel, Curtis S.; van der Linden, Dimitri; Fullerton, Emma I.; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
2018Stress und soziale Unterstützung im ersten Jahr einer BerufsausbildungHösli-Leu, Sabrina; Wade-Bohleber, Laura Maria; von Wyl, Agnes
Dec-2017Developmental course of child personality traits and their associations with externalizing psychopathology : results from a longitudinal multi-informant study in a representative cohortHengartner, Michael Pascal
Oct-2017Establishing the substantive interpretation of the GFP by considering evidence from research on personality disorders and animal personalityHengartner, Michael Pascal; van der Linden, Dimitri; Dunkel, Curtis S.
Jul-2017Identity of immigrant adolescents in Switzerland : the role of peers and familySchwarz, Beate; Moser, Andrea
Jul-2017Financial socialization of adolescents from SwitzerlandGassmann Allgäuer, Sonja; Schwarz, Beate
Jul-2017Students with child(ren) : the relevance of family supportSchwarz, Beate
2017Attachment anxiety and avoidance as mediators of the association between childhood maltreatment and adult personality dysfunctionCohen, Lisa J.; Ardalan, Firouz; Tanis, Thachell; Halmi, Winter; Galynker, Igor, et al
2017Traits across the personality hierarchy differentially relate to positive and negative affect : evidence for the predictive validity of empirically derived meta-traitsHengartner, Michael Pascal; Graf, Markus; Schreiber, Marc
2017Persönlichkeitspsychologie von Freud bis zu den Neurowissenschaften : eine kritische Würdigung des PraxisnutzensSchreiber, Marc
2017The evolutionary life history model of externalizing personality : bridging human and animal personality science to connect ultimate and proximate mechanisms underlying aggressive dominance, hostility, and impulsive sensation seekingHengartner, Michael Pascal
2017Eine Testkonstruktion mit graphologischen DatenToggweiler, Stephan
2017Couple relationship education : a randomized controlled trial of professional contact and self-directed toolsZemp, Martina; Merz, Corina A.; Nussbeck, Fridtjof W.; Halford, W. Kim; Schär Gmelch, Marcel, et al
2017Development of self-esteem and self-concepts during early adolescence : the role of gender, puberty, and school transitionSchaffhuser, Kathrin; Allemand, Mathias; Schwarz, Beate
2017Entwicklung und Validierung eines Fragebogens zur Erfassung von Sportinteressen im Jugendalter (SPIT)Schmid, Jürg; Albertin, Katharina; Toggweiler, Stephan; Birrer, Daniel; Zimprich, Daniel, et al
Results 16-30 of 159 (Search time: 0.014 seconds).