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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Searching for active factors in diverse approaches to psychotherapy - types of intervention and temporal aspects : brief research reportKoemeda-Lutz, Margit; Crameri, Aureliano; Schulthess, Peter; von Wyl, Agnes; Tschuschke, Volker
2016Comparative naturalistic study on outpatient psychotherapeutic treatments including Gestalt therapySchulthess, Peter; Tschuschke, Volker; Koemeda-Lutz, Margrit; von Wyl, Agnes; Crameri, Aureliano
2016Was wirkt in der Psychotherapie? Ergebnisse der Praxisstudie ambulante Psychotherapie zu 10 unterschiedlichen Verfahrenvon Wyl, Agnes; Tschuschke, Volker; Crameri, Aureliano; Koemeda-Lutz, Margit; Schulthess, Peter
2016Praxisstudie ambulante Psychotherapie Schweiz (PAP-S-Studie) : Studiendesignvon Wyl, Agnes
2016The post-discharge network coordination programme : a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of an intervention aimed at reducing rehospitalizations and improving mental healthHengartner, Michael Pascal; Passalacqua, Silvia; Heim, Gisela; Andreae, Andreas; Rössler, Wulf, et al
2016Case Management und Netzwerkkoordination : wie viel Versorgungsoptimierung ist noch möglich?von Wyl, Agnes; Hengartner, Michael Pascal; Andreae, Andreas
27-Jul-2015Sensitivity analysis in multiple imputation in effectiveness studies of psychotherapyCrameri, Aureliano; von Wyl, Agnes; Koemeda, Margit; Schulthess, Peter; Tschuschke, Volker
Jun-2015Therapist and patient factors as predictors of treatment dropout in outpatient psychotherapy under routine conditionsvon Wyl, Agnes
12-Jan-2015Das Case Management an der Integrierten Psychiatrie Winterthur - Züricher Unterland : was Patienten, Case Manager und die Forschung dazu sagenvon Wyl, Agnes
2015The role of therapists‘ treatment adherence, professional experience, therapeutic alliance, and clients‘ severity of psychological problems: Prediction of treatment outcome in eight different psychotherapy approaches. Preliminary results of a naturalistic studyTschuschke, Volker; Crameri, Aureliano; Koehler, Miriam; Berglar, Jessica; Muth, Katharina, et al
2015The societal costs of schizophrenia in SwitzerlandPletscher, Mark; Mattli, Renato; Reich, Oliver; von Wyl, Agnes; Wieser, Simon
Jan-2015Does objectively assessed sleep at five years predict sleep and psychological functioning at 14 years? Hmm, yes and no!Brand, Serge; Hatzinger, Martin; Stadler, Christina; Bolten, Margarete; von Wyl, Agnes, et al
Jun-2014Are child and adolescent psychotherapeutic treatments in a naturalistic outpatient setting effective?von Wyl, Agnes
May-2014Elements of integrated care - post-discharge network coordination program (PDNC-P) : Zurich program for sustainable development of mental health services (ZInEP)von Wyl, Agnes; Klauser, Mara; Passalacqua, Silvia; Heim, Gisela; Rössler, Wulf, et al
2014Ergebnisqualität ambulanter Psychotherapie : Ergebnisse aus der Grundversorgung in der SchweizCrameri, Aureliano; Koemeda, Margit; Tschuschke, Volker; Schulthess, Peter; von Wyl, Agnes
Results 31-45 of 76 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).