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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
6-Nov-2015Communication as translation : intercultural translation in journalistic text productionGnach, Aleksandra
Sep-2015Writing-by-the-Way und Mikro-Marketing : journalistische Herstellung von Öffentlichkeit mit sozialen MedienGnach, Aleksandra; Perrin, Daniel
25-Aug-2015Vom fokussierten zum beiläufigen Schreiben : Sprachgebrauchswandel in journalistischer NachrichtenproduktionPerrin, Daniel
13-Jul-2015Process-oriented methodologies in news production research : the example of investigating stancingPerrin, Daniel
5-Feb-2015European Journalism ObservatoryDingerkus, Filip
2015Responsible journalism, media ethics and journalistic practise : media justifications and a systematic quest for answers for the publication or non-publication of Charlie-Hebdo-cartoonsKeel, Guido
2015International organisational communication : who communicates what?Keel, Guido; Soland, Cornelia
2015Discussions of satire and responsible journalism after the attacks on Charlie HebdoKeel, Guido
2015Comic und Journalismus : alles andere als lustigWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2015Drawing the news : comics journalism as the new subjective journalismWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2015What to do without baselines? : not often used methods in media evaluationSpurk, Christoph
2015Triggering change : how investigative journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa contribute to solving problems in societyLublinski, Jan; Spurk, Christoph; Fleury, Jean-Marc; Labassi, Olfa; Mbarga, Gervais; Nicolas, Marie Lou; Abou Rizk, Tilda
2015The need and the opportunities for sustainability : the case of local radio stations in TanzaniaSpurk, Christoph; Dingerkus, Filip
2015Multi-semiotic writing in the newsroomEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Perrin, Daniel
2015Capturing editorial gatekeeping through the analysis of argumentation in editorial conference discussionsLuciani, Margherita; Rocci, Andrea; Zampa, Marta
Results 1-15 of 25 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).