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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
23-Sep-2016From teaching translation to learning organization : co-emergence as a motor of institutional developmentMassey, Gary
Sep-2016Incorporating ergonomics into the translation curriculum : why, where and howMassey, Gary
Jul-2016The bigger picture : co-emergence in and beyond the curriculumMassey, Gary; Kiraly, Don
6-Jan-2016Professionalisierung in der Übersetzerausbildung : Grenzen und Möglichkeiten einer praxisorientierten CurriculumsentwicklungMassey, Gary
2016An international survey of the ergonomics of professional translationEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Hunziker Heeb, Andrea; Massey, Gary; Meidert, Ursula; Neumann, Silke; Becker, Heidrun Karin
2016Notation language and notation text : a cognitive-linguistic model of consecutive interpretingAlbl-Mikasa, Michaela
2016Physical ergonomics at translators’ workplaces : findings from ergonomic workplace assessments and interviewsMeidert, Ursula; Neumann, Silke; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Becker, Heidrun Karin
Jan-2016Closing the employability gap in an ever-changing environment : educational challenges and solutionsMassey, Gary
2016Journalistisches Übersetzen als LaienkulturZampa, Marta; Perrin, Daniel; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
2016Collaborative feedback flows and how we can learn from them : investigating a synergetic learning experience in translator educationMassey, Gary; Brändli, Barbara
2016Remapping meaning : exploring the products and processes of translating conceptual metaphorMassey, Gary
2016Theorie und Methode der Audiodeskription : ein PilotprojektJekat, Susanne Johanna; Oláh, Annegret E.
2016Financial analysts as cross-domain translatorsPerrin, Daniel; Whitehouse, Marlies
2016Translating emotions : the interplay between cultural background and the language of emotions - a German-Japanese exampleWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Between patchwork quilts and vortices : incorporating intra-curricular professional interactions into translator educationMassey, Gary; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
Results 1-15 of 22 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).