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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Sep-2019Digital transformation in Higher Education – buzzword or opportunity?Mahlow, Cerstin; Hediger, Andreas
2019Embracing complexity : towards an emergent approach to translator educationMassey, Gary; Kiraly, Don
2019Learning to bridge the divide : integrating teacher and organisational development in translator educationMassey, Gary
2019De l'apprenant-élève à l'apprenant-chercheurDelorme Benites, Alice
2019EMT opportunities for Ukraine : the view of a (Swiss) non-EU memberMassey, Gary
2-Nov-2018Research agenda for a contemporary higher education for media professionsKeel, Guido
2018Status quo of inclusive access to higher education : a focus on deaf and hearing-impaired individuals in SwitzerlandHohenstein, Christiane; Zavgorodnia, Larysa; Näf, Manuela; Bouillon, Pierrette; Rodríguez Vázquez, Silvia, et al
2018Roadblocks to inclusive education and career development for people with hearing impairments in french and italian speaking SwitzerlandRodríguez Vázquez, Silvia; Bouillon, Pierrette; Strasly, Irene; Hohenstein, Christiane; Zavgorodnia, Larysa, et al
2018English in the age of comprehensive internationalisation : defining competence guidelines for teachers in higher educationStuder, Patrick
2018EMI lecture quality parameters : the student perspectiveGautschi, Curtis
2018Internationalizing curricula in higher education : quality and language of instructionStuder, Patrick
15-Nov-2017Accompagner l'autonomie grâce à des outils numériquesDelorme Benites, Alice
2017Electronic writing support in secondary and higher education : approaches, ideas, and examplesKruse, Otto; Rapp, Christian; Strobl, Carola; Devitt, Ann; Cotos, Elena, et al
2017The impact of internationalisation on tertiary-level educational social spheresGautschi, Curtis; Studer, Patrick
2017Programme directors’ attitudes towards EMI quality assurance : an exploratory studyStuder, Patrick; Gautschi, Curtis
Results 1-15 of 84 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).