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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2007Jugend im KulturvergleichSchwarz, Beate
2009Kinder nach Trennung und ScheidungSchwarz, Beate
2011Marital conflict and early adolescents’ self-evaluation : the role of parenting quality and early adolescents’ appraisalsSiffert, Andrea; Schwarz, Beate; Stutz, Melanie
2011Parental conflict resolution styles and early adolescent adjustment : children's appraisals and emotion regulation as mediatorsSiffert, Andrea; Schwarz, Beate
2019Parenting and late adolescents’ well-being in Greece, Norway, Poland and Switzerland : associations with individuation from parentsFilus, Ania; Schwarz, Beate; Mylonas, Kostas; Sam, David L.; Boski, Pawel
2012Perceived interparental conflict and early adolescents' friendships : the role of attachment security and emotion regulationSchwarz, Beate; Stutz, Melanie; Ledermann, Thomas
2010Reciprocity in intergenerational support : a comparison of Chinese and German adult daughtersSchwarz, Beate; Trommdorff, Gisela; Zheng, Gang; Shi, Shaohua
2007Reorganisation der Familie nach Trennung und ScheidungSchwarz, Beate
2019Sense of indebtedness : construct measurement quality among second generation immigrantsPfammatter, Pirmin; Schwarz, Beate
2011Spouses' demand and withdrawal during marital conflict and their well-beingSiffert, Andrea; Schwarz, Beate
Jul-2017Students with child(ren) : the relevance of family supportSchwarz, Beate
2018Übergang ins JugendalterSchwarz, Beate