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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2009Adolescents' individuation, romantic involvement and mothers' well-being : a comparison of three family structuresSchwarz, Beate; Walper, Sabine
2015Adolescents’ willingness for intergenerational support : relations to maternal parenting and life satisfaction in 14 culturesMayer, Boris; Schwarz, Beate; Trommsdorff, Gisela
2016Be careful where you smile : culture shapes judgments of intelligence and honesty of smiling individualsKrys, Kuba; Vauclair, C.-Melanie; Capaldi, Colin A,; Schwarz, Beate
2010Die Bedrohlichkeit elterlicher Konflikte aus Sicht der Kinder : eine deutsche Fassung der Skala Threat aus der Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict ScaleSchwarz, Beate; Siffert, Andrea
2019BEGIN: enhancing immigrants' social and professional integration through intergenerational mentoringSchwarz, Beate; Bennett, Jonathan; Métrailler, Michèle
2015Being a student with child(ren) : stress and enrichmentSchwarz, Beate
May-2019Dealing with the challenges of ageing migrants in Switzerland : present and future of culture-sensitive careSchwarz, Beate; Pfammatter, Pirmin
2014Eine deutsche Version der Coparenting Relationship ScaleSchwarz, Beate; Kramer, Andrea C.; Moser, Andrea
2017Development of self-esteem and self-concepts during early adolescence : the role of gender, puberty, and school transitionSchaffhuser, Kathrin; Allemand, Mathias; Schwarz, Beate
2012Does the importance of parent and peer relationships for adolescents’ life satisfaction vary across cultures?Schwarz, Beate; Mayer, Boris; Trommsdorff, Gisela; Ben-Arieh, Asher; Friedlmeier, Mihaela, et al
2014Effects of different facets of paternal and maternal control behaviour on the early adolescents’ perceived academic competenceStutz, Melanie; Schwarz, Beate
2009Elterliche Konflikte und Depressivität Jugendlicher in Trennungsfamilien : zur Rolle der TriangulationSchwarz, Beate
2008Entwicklungsfolgen des elterlichen ErziehungsverhaltensKracke, Bärbel; Schwarz, Beate
Jul-2017Financial socialization of adolescents from SwitzerlandGassmann Allgäuer, Sonja; Schwarz, Beate
2010Generationenbeziehungen im KulturvergleichSchwarz, Beate
Jul-2017Identity of immigrant adolescents in Switzerland : the role of peers and familySchwarz, Beate; Moser, Andrea
2013Intergenerational conflict : the case of adult children and their parentsSchwarz, Beate
2010Intergenerational relations and life-satisfaction in mother-daughter dyads from Indonesia, China, and GermanySchwarz, Beate; Albert, Isabelle; Trommsdorff, Gisela; Zheng, Gang; Shi, Shaohua, et al
2012Interparental conflict and early adolescents' aggression : is irregular sleep a vulnerability factor?Lemola, Sakari; Schwarz, Beate; Siffert, Andrea
2007Jugend im KulturvergleichSchwarz, Beate