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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Capturing suprasegmental features of a voice with RNNs for improved speaker clusteringStadelmann, Thilo; Glinski-Haefeli, Sebastian; Gerber, Patrick; Dürr, Oliver
Jun-2018Challenges and approaches for product-service-transformation of SMEsMeierhofer, Jürg
2019Challenges and approaches with data-driven services for SMEs : insights from a field studyMeierhofer, Jürg; Kugler, Petra; Etschmann, Roman
2016Clustered multidimensional scaling with Rulkov neuronsOtt, Thomas; Schüle, Martin; Held, Jenny; Albert, Carlo; Stoop, Ruedi
31-Aug-2020Combining reinforcement learning with supervised deep learning for neural active scene understandingRoost, Dano; Meier, Ralph; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni; Stadelmann, Thilo
2018Condition-based maintenance decision making : a practical approach for marine vesselsGoren Huber, Lilach; Kunz, Simon; Dettling, Marcel
10-Aug-2020Context-aware learning for generative modelsPerdikis, Serafeim; Leeb, Robert; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Millán, José del R.
2010Data clustering based on Hebbian learning in inhomogeneous coupled map latticesMürset, Urs; Ott, Thomas
2019Data productsMeierhofer, Jürg; Stadelmann, Thilo; Cieliebak, Mark
14-Jun-2019Data scienceBraschler, Martin; Stadelmann, Thilo; Stockinger, Kurt
Oct-2019Data Science für KMUMeierhofer, Jürg; Heinatz Bürki, Gundula; Heitz, Christoph
Aug-2014Data Science für Lehre, Forschung und PraxisStockinger, Kurt; Stadelmann, Thilo
2020Data Science und ServicesMeierhofer, Jürg
2020Data Science veranschaulichen : DemonstratorMeierhofer, Jürg; Etschmann, Roman; Dobler, Martin
2016Data Scientist als BerufStockinger, Kurt; Stadelmann, Thilo; Ruckstuhl, Andreas
14-Jun-2019Data scientistsStadelmann, Thilo; Stockinger, Kurt; Heinatz-Bürki, Gundula; Braschler, Martin
7-Oct-2013Data Scientists : die neuen Helden des 21. Jahrhunderts?Stockinger, Kurt
2019Data warehousing and exploratory analysis for market monitoringGeiger, Melanie; Stockinger, Kurt
26-Jun-2020Data-driven decision support by digital twins in manufacturingMeierhofer, Jürg; West, Shaun
Apr-2020Data-Driven Management zur Steigerung des KundennutzensMeierhofer, Jürg; Heitz, Christoph