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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A microwell array platform for picoliter membrane protein assaysBinkert, Andreas; Studer, Philipp; Vörös, Janos
2014-06Are child and adolescent psychotherapeutic treatments in a naturalistic outpatient setting effective?von Wyl, Agnes
2018-01-02Are the school version of the assessment of motor and process skills measures valid for German-speaking children?Kaelin, Vera C.; van Hartingsveldt, Margo; Gantschnig, Brigitte E.; Fisher, Anne G.
2007-10Associations between family relationships and symptoms/strengths at kindergarten age : what is the role of children's parental representations?Stadelmann, Stephanie; Perren, Sonja; von Wyl, Agnes; von Klitzing, Kai
2017-11-24Energieautarke Messung von Auftrittskraft und Kraftverteilung am FussGruber, Juan-Mario
2011Fluorescent vesicles for signal amplification in reverse phase protein microarray assaysBally, Marta; Syed, Shahida; Binkert, Andreas; Kauffmann, Ekkehard; Ehrat, Markus; Vörös, Janos
2008-02-20From particle self-assembly to functionalized sub-micron protein patternsBlättler, T M; Binkert, Andreas; Zimmermann, M; Textor, M; Vörös, Janos; Reimhult, E
2001Die in Erzählungen dargestellte Konfliktdynamik von anorektischen und bulimischen Patientinnenvon Wyl, Agnes
2011Microarrays made easy : biofunctionalized hydrogel channels for rapid protein microarray productionde Lange, Victoria; Binkert, Andreas; Vörös, Janos; Bally, Marta
2000Die narrative Konfliktdarstellung bei Essstörungenvon Wyl, Agnes
2001Psychodynamisches Störungsbild und erzählter Konflikt : narrative Analyse als diagnostische UrteilsbildungBoothe, Brigitte; von Wyl, Agnes; Boothe, Brigitte; von Wyl, Agnes
2015Resilienz- und Ressourcenförderung bei Kleinkindernvon Wyl, Agnes
2004Story dramaturgy and personal conflict : JAKOB A tool for narrative understanding and psychotherapeutic practiceBoothe, Brigitte; von Wyl, Agnes