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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
8-Jan-2020A novel proposition for a citrate-modified photo-Fenton process against bacterial contamination of microalgae culturesPulgarin, Adrian; Giannakis, Stefanos; Pulgarin, César; Ludwig, Christian; Refardt, Dominik
2015Alternative reproductive tactics in snail shell-brooding cichlids diverge in energy reserve allocationvon Kuerthy, Corinna; Tschirren, Linda; Taborsky, Michael
2018Analysis of aquaponics as an emerging technological innovation systemKönig, Bettina; Janker, Judith; Reinhardt, Tilman; Villarroel, Morris; Junge, Ranka
2018High-density cultivation of microalgae continuously fed with unfiltered water from a recirculating aquaculture systemEgloff, Sophia; Tschudi, Fridolin; Schmautz, Zala; Refardt, Dominik
2017Sperm-limited males save ejaculates for future matings when competing with superior rivalsSchütz, Dolores; Tschirren, Linda; Pachler, Gudrun; Grubbauer, Pia; Taborsky, Michael
2013Stable reprogramming of brain transcription profiles by the early social environment in a cooperatively breeding fishTaborsky, Barbara; Tschirren, Linda; Meunier, Clémence; Aubin-Horth, Nadia
2019Treatment of aquaculture effluent with Chlorella vulgaris and Tetradesmus obliquus : the effect of pretreatment on microalgae growth and nutrient removal efficiencyTejido-Nuñez, Yaiza; Aymerich, Enrique; Sancho, Luis; Refardt, Dominik
Sep-2017Zwei Leitfäden für AquakulturanlagenZürcher, Marcel; Sommer, Markus; Tschudi, Fridolin