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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Oct-2015Experiences and reflections of occupational therapy students on short-term international mobilityKaelin, Vera; Guidetti, Susanne; Poerpodipoero, Soemitro; Blankvoort, Nadine
11-Nov-2016Experiences of patients living after stroke : a qualitative study - from illness narratives to ICF categoriesCoenen, Michaela; Glässel, Andrea
Aug-2012Experiences with a game-oriented approach to the knowledge transfer of sustainability indicators in higher educationCarabias-Hütter, Vicente; Ulrich, Markus
2019Experimental parameter uncertainty in PEM fuel cell modelingVetter, Roman; Herrendörfer, Robert; Schumacher, Jürgen O.
2013Experimental shoulder simulation with rotating scapula and individually controlled muscle forcesBaumgartner, Daniel; Tomas, Daniel; Gossweiler, Lukas
Jul-2016Experimental shoulder testing under in-vivo anatomy and physiologyKuster, Roman; Schmid, Bruno; Gossweiler, Lukas; Moor, Beat; Bouaicha, Samy, et al
2014Explaining students' attitudes toward equal rights and toward the influence of religion in society with civic knowledgeKonstantinidou, Triantafyllia Liana; Oser, Fritz
2013Explaining students' attitudes towards immigrants through moral framing of migration issues : recommendations for the school praxisKonstantinidou, Triantafyllia Liana
2016Exploring how expectations of the future energy system shape individuals’ energy political attitudesBlumer, Yann; Moser, Corinne; Gregorowius, Daniel
21-Jun-2003Exploring near-native english competence in multilingualsEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen
2017Exploring outliers in compositional data with structural zerosTempl, Matthias; Hron, Karel; Filzmoser, Peter
2016Exploring outliers in compositional data with structural zerosHron, Karel; Templ, Matthias; Filzmoser, Peter
Apr-2018Exploring Swiss multilingual discourses : methodological considerations and preliminary findings in the case of national energy policyEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Stücheli-Herlach, Peter; Krasselt, Julia; Dreesen, Philipp; Batz, Dominik
2010Exploring the impact of the time-temperature roasting profile on the flavor of coffeeGloess, Alexia N.; Vietri, Anita; Bongers, Sandra; Koziorowski, Thomas; Yeretzian, Chahan
2019Exploring the internal dynamics of corporate social responsibility implementation : the role of resource endowments and functional departmentsRisi, David; Wickert, Christopher
2010Exploring the link between organizational signals and types of donors : a study of german donorsMannsky, Alexandra; Strohmeyer, Robert
25-Nov-2018Exploring the processes and practices of translation in the workplaceMassey, Gary
2018Exploring the social acceptance of building integrated photovoltaics in SwitzerlandLobsiger-Kägi, Evelyn; Tomic, Uros; Spiess, Harry; Kuehn, Tobias; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente
5-Jul-2018Exploring translation at the interface with corporate communications : implications for translator and translation qualityMassey, Gary; Wieder, Regine
31-Aug-2015Exportpotenzialmonitor für die NahrungsmittelindustrieFlückiger, Stefan