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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2009The prevalence of pressure ulcers in four paediatric institutionsSchlüer, Anna-Barbara; Cignacco, Eva; Müller, Marianne; Halfens, Ruud J.
2001The product of ORF III in cauliflower mosaic virus interacts with the viral coat protein through its C-terminal prolin rich domainLeclerc, Denis; Stavolone, Livia; Meier, Evelyn; Guerra-Peraza, Guerra-Peraza; Herzog, Etienne, et al
2019The profitability of onshore and wind and solar PV power projects in China : a comparative studyTu, Qiang; Betz, Regina; Mo, Jianlei; Fan, Ying
2018The project-oriented organization and its contribution to innovationGemünden, Hans Georg; Lehner, Patrick; Kock, Alexander
2010The provision of out-of-hours care and associated costs in an urban area of Switzerland : a cost description studyEichler, Klaus; Imhof, Daniel; Chmiel, Corinne; Zoller, Marco; Senn, Oliver, et al
2011The psychometric properties of the German version of the new worker role interviewKöller Looser, Bianca; Niedermann Schneider, Karin; Klipstein, Andreas; Haugebolle, J.
2003The puzzle of translation skills : towards an Integration of e-learning and special concepts of computational linguistics into the training of future translatorsJekat, Susanne Johanna; Massey, Gary
2013The random graph intuition for the tournament gameClemens, Dennis; Gebauer, Heidi; Liebenau, Anita
2016The reality of experts and the imagined lay personMaranta, Alessandro; Guggenheim, Michael; Gisler, Priska; Pohl, Christian
2013The reflective practitionerKotrubczik, Hella; Zirkler, Michael
2006The relationship between corporate websites and brand equity : a conceptual framework and research agendaArgyriou, Evmorfia; Kitchen, Philip J.; Melewar, T.C.
2017The relationship between skin function, barrier properties, and body-dependent factorsDąbrowska, A.K.; Spano, F.; Derler, S.; Adlhart, Christian; Spencer, N.D., et al
2019The relevance of citizen co-creation for the effectiveness of public health campaigns : results from the evaluation of a HIV prevention campaign in SwitzerlandLiberatore, Florian; Schmelzer, Sarah; Angerer, Alfred
2009The relevance of marketing activities in the Swiss prescription drugs market : two empirical qualitative studiesStros, Michael; Hari, Jürg J.; Marriott, John
Jan-2017The RESOLVE Trial for people with chronic low back pain : protocol for a randomised clinical trialBagg, Matthew K; Hübscher, Markus; Rabey, Martin; Wand, Benedict M; O’Hagan, Edel, et al
2015The response in floodplain respiration of an Alpine river to experimental inundation under different temperature regimesSimcic, T.; Mori, N.; Hossli, C.; Robinson, C. T.; Döring, Michael
2010The Rheology of Stabilised Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite Ferrite Nanopowders in Organic Medium Applicable as Screen Printed SOFC Cathode LayersBurnat, Dariusz; Ried, P.; Holtappels, P.; Heel, Andre; Graule, T., et al
2012The role of feedback in morphological computation with compliant bodiesHauser, Helmut; Ijspeert, Auke J.; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Pfeifer, Rolf; Maass, Wolfgang
1-Jan-2015The role of heritage assets in public financial reporting : an assessment on the current status of financial reporting of heritage assets in SwitzerlandSchuler, Christoph; Fuchs, Sandro; Bergmann, Andreas
2018The role of IT governance in digital operating modelsHitz, Christian; Schwer, Karlheinz