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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2005Externally forced and internal variability in ensemble climate simulations of the Maunder MinimumYoshimori, Masakzu; Stocker, Thomas; Raible, Christoph; Renold, Manuel
25-Apr-2016Extraction kinetics of coffee aroma compounds using a semi-automatic machine : on-line analysis by PTR-ToF-MSSánchez López, José Antonio; Wellinger, Marco; Gloess, Alexia N.; Zimmermann, Ralf; Yeretzian, Chahan
2017Extraction of carotenoids from Chlorella vulgaris using green solvents and syngas production from residual biomassDamergi, Eya; Schwitzguébel, Jean-Paul; Refardt, Dominik; Sharma, Shivom; Holliger, Christof, et al
2016Extraction of cocoa proanthocyanidins and their fractionation by sequential centrifugal partition chromatography and gel permeation chromatographyPedan, Vasilisa; Fischer, Norbert; Rohn, Sascha
2018Eye tracking as a debriefing tool in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) for general aviation pilotsRyffel, Chiara; Mühlethaler, Céline; Huber, Sandro; Elfering, Achim
2009Fachübersetzen in der Hochschulweiterbildung : zum Zertifikatslehrgang "Fachübersetzen" der Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte WissenschaftenHofer, Gertrud
2010Facile synthetic access to rhenium(II) complexes : activation of carbon-bromine bonds by single-electron transferJiang, Yanfeng; Blacque, Olivier; Fox, Thomas; Frech, Christian M.; Berke, Heinz
2017Facilitating enhanced decision support using a social norms approachKeller, Thomas; Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy
14-Nov-2017Facilitating informed decision-making in financial service encountersHeinrich, Peter; Schwabe, Gerhard
2013Facility management value dimensions from a demand perspectiveCoenen, Christian; Alexander, Keith; Kok, Herman
2012Facing the future : scanning, synthesizing and sense-making in horizon scanningKonnola, T.; Salo, A.; Cagnin, C.; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente; Vilkkumaa, E.
23-Apr-2018Factor structure of the German version of the pain attitudes and beliefs scale for physiotherapistsBrunner, Emanuel; Meichtry, André; O’Sullivan, Kieran; Baldew, Se-Sergio; Dankaerts, Wim, et al
2007Factors affecting the cycling of dimethylsulfide and dimethylsulfoniopropionate in coral reef waters of the Great Barrier ReefGraham, Jones; Curran, Mark; Broadbent, Andrew; King, Stacey; Fischer, Esther, et al
2010Factors associated with patient and visitor violence experienced by nurses in general hospitals in Switzerland : a cross-sectional surveyHahn, Sabine; Müller, Marianne; Needham, Ian; Dassen, Theo; Kok, Gerjo, et al
2013Factors associated with supportive care needs of patients under treatment for breast cancerSchmid-Büchi, Silvia; Halfens, Ruud J.G.; Müller, Marianne; Dassen, Theo; van den Borne, Bart
Dec-2016Factors influencing patients’ recovery and the efficacy of a psychosocial post-discharge intervention : post hoc analysis of a randomized controlled trialHengartner, Michael Pascal; Passalacqua, Silvia; Heim, Gisela; Andreae, Andreas; Rössler, Wulf, et al
2013Factors of board governance and fundraising success : the composition of swiss museum boards does matterBetzler, Diana
2011Factors that impact the level of difficulty of everyday technology in a sample of older adults with and without cognitive impairmentPatomella, Ann-Helen; Kottorp, Anders; Malinowsky, Camilla; Nygård, Louise
2015Faking good and faking bad among military conscriptsBoss, Patrick; König, Cornelius J.; Melchers, Klaus G.
Apr-2010Der Faktor Mensch im Risikomanagement : Herausforderungen für das Topmanagement im öffentlichen SektorBrüesch, Caroline