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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1997A combined gas-phase, solution-phase, and computational study of C−H activation by cationic iridium(III) complexesHinderling, Christian; Feichtinger, Derek; Plattner, Dietmar A.; Chen, Peter
2009A communication technique for swarm-capable autonomous agentsDoran, Hans Dermot
19-Jun-2013A Community Based Participatory Action Research (CBPR) project : developing a nurse-led family-counseling program for the elderlyMahrer Imhof, Romy; Hediger, Hannele; Naef Brand, Rahel; Imhof, Lorenz
2016A comparative analysis of amalgamation reforms in selected european countriesSteiner, Reto; Kaiser, Claire; Eythorsson, Gretar Thor
2019A comparative analysis of cryptocurrency consensus algorithmsWagner, Kevin; Keller, Thomas; Seiler, Roger
2004A comparative analysis of Japanese and German complement constructions with matrix verbs of thinking and believing : "to omou" and "ich glaub(e)"Hohenstein, Christiane
2001A comparative analysis of Swiss-German and Japanese patterns of communicationAbe, Goh; van den Bergh, Samuel
2019A comparative analysis of the public sector accounting environment in the Western Balkan and Black Sea regionSchuler, Christoph; Fuchs, Sandro; Horni, Pascal
2021A comparative analysis of the trading behavior of the participants in the first three phases of the EU emissions trading systemLeu, Thomas
2018A comparative analysis of trading costs in the first and the third phase of the EU ETS : estimation and explanations: evidence from CITL/EUTL dataLeu, Thomas
Oct-2020A comparative study of silver nanoparticle dissolution under physiological conditionsSteinmetz, Lukas; Geers, Christoph; Balog, Sandor; Bonmarin, Mathias; Rodriguez-Lorenzo, Laura, et al
2009A comparative study of the functionalization of mesoporous silica MCM-41 by deposition of 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane from toluene and from the vapor phaseRitter, Hanna; Nieminen, Minna; Karppinen, Maarit; Brühwiler, Dominik
28-Aug-2019A comparative survey of recent natural language interfaces for databasesAffolter, Katrin; Stockinger, Kurt; Bernstein, Abraham
2004A comparision of corporate governance systems in four countriesSchneider, Jürgen; Chan, Siu Y.
2020A comparison study of digital business models between China and Switzerland : the key factors of the digital business models with focus on the retail industrySchnauss, Martin; Lin, Shengya
2020A compiler framework to derive microfluidic platforms for manufacturing hierarchical, compartmentalized structures that maximize yield of chemical reactionsWeyland, Mathias S.; Flumini, Dandolo; Schneider, Johannes J.; Füchslin, Rudolf M.
2017A comprehensive e-business framework for luxury watch companiesDuma, Fabio; Dähler, Rico
2018A comprehensive model of consequences of a value conflict on well-beingFurchheim, Pia; Martin, Christian; Morhart, Felicitas
Nov-2012A computational study of the effect of structural anisotropy of porous asphalt on hydraulic conductivityGruber, Ivan; Zinovik, Igor N.; Holzer, Lorenz; Flisch, Alexander; Poulikakos, Lily D.
2016A conceptual framework for hydropeaking mitigationBruder, Andreas; Tonolla, Diego; Schweizer, Steffen P.; Vollenweider, Stefan; Langhans, Simone D., et al