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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Creating dreams and developing talentsSchmid, Anna
2016Creating dreams and developing talents : residential care in the best interest of the childSchmid, Anna; Herczeg, Krisztián; de Oliveira, Fábio; de Araújo, Douglas Augusto; Ibler, Renata
Jan-2018Creating futures: residential care homes in Hungary and Switzerland collaboratively develop their capacity to empower children and youth to actively realise their own futuresSchmid, Anna; Herczeg, Krisztián
2018High injury burden in elite adolescent athletes : a 52-week prospective studyvon Rosen, Philip; Heijne, Annette; Frohm, Anna; Fridén, Cecilia; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
2015Introduction to the special issue on inclusionGrupper, Emmanuel; Anglin, James P.; Schmid, Anna Katharina
2018JAMES : Jugend, Aktivitäten, Medien - Erhebung SchweizSuter, Lilian; Waller, Gregor; Bernath, Jael; Külling, Céline; Willemse, Isabel, et al
2017Multiple factors explain injury risk in adolescent elite athletes : applying a biopsychosocial perspectivevon Rosen, P.; Frohm, A.; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz; Fridén, C.; Heijne, A.
2009Positive Peer Culture with German YouthSteinebach, Christoph; Steinebach, Ursula
2017Too little sleep and an unhealthy diet could increase the risk of sustaining a new injury in adolescent elite athletesvon Rosen, P.; Frohm, A.; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz; Fridén, C.; Heijne, A.
Jun-2014Youth in transition : building resilience in apprenticeship and child care servicesvon Wyl, Agnes; Gharabaghi, Kiaras; Steinebach, Christoph