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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Do we always need a difference? : testing equivalence in a blended learning settingMüller Werder, Claude; Mildenberger, Thoralf; Lübcke, Maren
2019Editorial : Flexibles Lernen an Hochschulen gestaltenMüller Werder, Claude; Barthelmess, Petra; Berger, Christian; Kucza, Gunther; Müller, Maximilian, et al
2021Facilitating flexible learning by replacing classroom time with an online learning environment : a systematic review of blended learning in higher educationMüller Werder, Claude; Mildenberger, Thoralf
2016Flexibilisierung von Studiengängen : Lernen im Zwischenraum von formellen und informellen KontextenMüller, Claude; Stahl, Michael; Lübcke, Maren; Alder, Mark
2019Flexibles Lernen als Lernform der Zukunft?Müller Werder, Claude; Javet, Fabienne
2019Implementation of a flexible learning study programme in a blended-learning design : results from the first two cohortsMüller Werder, Claude; Fengler, Reinhild
2020Implementation von flexiblem Lernen im Rahmen des Studienformats FLEXMüller Werder, Claude; Alder, Markus; Javet, Fabienne; Fengler, Reinhild
2018Learning effectiveness and students’ perceptions in a flexible learning courseMüller Werder, Claude; Stahl, Michael; Alder, Markus; Müller, Maximilian
2016Learning effectiveness in a flexible learning programMüller Werder, Claude; Stahl, Michael; Lübcke, Maren
2015Transforming degree programs to flexible learningMüller Werder, Claude; Stahl, Michael