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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014Schepeneses mumifizierte OrganeSiegmann, Konstantin; Scherrer, Christof; Sterchi, Robert; Siegmann, Renate
2015Selbstheilende KlebstoffeBrändli, Christof
2017SiC and SiOC ceramic articles produced by stereolithography of acrylate modified polycarbosilane systemsde Hazan, Yoram; Penner, Dirk
2006Simulated moving bed chromatography : the next step in HPLCvan Oordt, Thomas; Bayliss, Edwin; Netscher, Thomas; Bonrath, Werner; Spielmann, Thomas
2005Single-step affinity purification of toxic and non-toxic proteins on a fluidics platformMiao, Jun; Wu, Wei; Spielmann, Thomas; Belfort, Marlene; Derbyshire, Victoria, et al
2016SMART catalyst based on doped Sr-titanite for advanced SOFC anodesBurnat, Dariusz; Kontic, Roman; Holzer, Lorenz; Schuler, Andreas; Mai, Andreas, et al
2016Smart material concept : reversible microstructural self-regeneration for catalytic applicationsBurnat, Dariusz Artur; Kontic, Roman; Holzer, Lorenz; Steiger, Patrick; Ferri, Davide, et al
Sep-2011Sol-gel coatings with lime repellent propertiesSiegmann, Konstantin; Sterchi, Robert; Zuber, Franziska; Vetterli, Bettina; Widler, Roland, et al
2017Spectroscopy on photografted polyethylene surfaces using a perfluorophenyl azide : evidence for covalent attachmentSiegmann, Konstantin; Inauen, Jan; Sterchi, Robert; Winkler, Martin
13-Aug-2020Strong activity enhancement of the photocatalytic degradation of an azo dye on Au/TiO2 doped with FeOxWaheed, Ammara; Shi, Quanquan; Maeda, Nobutaka; Meier, Daniel Matthias; Qin, Zhaoxian, et al
2013Strukturkleben im Fahrzeugleichtbau : Eigenschaften Haftungsspektrum moderner Strukturklebstoffe, Simulation und Anwendung im Karosserierohbau und in der MontageLutz, Andreas; Droste, Alexander; Brändli, Christof
2009Studies on nanostructured Bi2WO6 : convenient hydrothermal and TiO2-coating pathwaysZhou, Ying; Vuille, Kathrin; Heel, Andre; Patzke, Greta R.
2019Sulphur tolerant diesel oxidation catalysts by noble metal alloyingFranken, Tanja; Vieweger, Elisabeth; Klimera, Andreas; Hug, Michael; Heel, Andre
2020Support effects in iridium-catalyzed aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol studied by modulation-excitation attenuated total reflection IR spectroscopyIto, Shizuka; Wang, Xianwei; Waheed, Ammara; Li, Gao; Maeda, Nobutaka, et al
9-Mar-2017Surface functionalization by organic wet coatingsWinkler, Martin
Mar-2012Synthesis and performance of A-site deficient lanthanum-doped strontium titanate by nanoparticle based spray pyrolysisBurnat, Dariusz Artur; Heel, Andre; Holzer, Lorenz; Kata, Dariusz; Lis, Jerzy, et al
2013Technische Keramik : eine neue Herausforderung für den 3D-DruckPenner, Dirk
2011The acidity of surface groups of dioctahedral smectitesKaufhold, S.; Stanjek, H.; Penner, Dirk; Dohrmann, R.
27-Jun-2018The art of adhesive formulation to meet the requirements of specific industrial applicationsBrändli, Christof
2010The Rheology of Stabilised Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite Ferrite Nanopowders in Organic Medium Applicable as Screen Printed SOFC Cathode LayersBurnat, Dariusz; Ried, P.; Holtappels, P.; Heel, Andre; Graule, T., et al