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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Characterization and modelling of structure and transport properties of porous ceramicsPenner, Dirk; Holzer, Lorenz
2014Chromium-induced deactivation of a commercial honeycomb noble metal-based CO oxidation catalystKeav, Sylvain; Lu, Ye; Matam, Santhosh Kumar; Maegli, Alexandra E.; Heel, Andre, et al
2008Coatings and aerogels based on sol-gel processesSiegmann, Konstantin; Hirayama, Martina
2000Coatings with siloxane layers in nanoscale thickness : hydrophobization, adhesion promotion, corrosion protectionHirayama, Martina; Caseri, Walter; Suter, Ulrich
2015Composite membranes for alkaline electrolysis based on polysulfone and mineral fillersBurnat, Dariusz Artur; Schlupp, Meike; Wichser, Adrian; Lothenbach, Barbara; Gorbar, Michal, et al
26-Jan-2017"De schneller isch de gschwinder" : Entwicklung eines neuen SkiwachskonzeptsWinkler, Martin
16-Jun-2019Development of ceramic based stationary phases for chromatographyKontic, Roman; de Hazan, Yoram; Penner, Dirk
2016Development of improved nickel catalysts for sorption enhanced CO2 methanationDelmelle, Renaud; Duarte, Renata Bessa; Franken, Tanja; Burnat, Dariusz Artur; Holzer, Lorenz, et al
2010Effect of graphite pore former on oxygen electrodes prepared with La0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ nanoparticlesPrestat, Michel; Morandi, A.; Heel, Andre; Holzer, Lorenz; Holtappels, Peter, et al
2012Effect of Nb doping on structural, optical and photocatalytic properties of flame-made TiO2 nanopowderMichalow, Katarzyna A.; Flak, Dorota; Heel, Andre; Parlinska-Wojtan, Magdalena; Rekas, Mieczyslaw, et al
2016Effect of temperature, humidity and aminoalkoxysilane additive on the low temperature curing of polyorganosilazane coatings studied by IR spectroscopy, gravimetric and evolved gas analysisMüller, Steven; de Hazan, Yoram; Penner, Dirk
1-Apr-2016Eiskalt erwischtSiegmann, Konstantin; Hirayama, Martina
2018Erfahrungen mit dem (low cost)-ASIGA SL-DruckerPenner, Dirk; de Hazan, Yoram; Gorbar, Michal
1-Oct-2013Evaluation of icephobic coatings : screening of different coatings and influence of roughnessSusoff, Markus; Siegmann, Konstantin; Pfaffenroth, Cornelia; Hirayama, Martina
Aug-2018Evolution of water diffusion in a sorption-enhanced methanation catalystDelmelle, Renaud; Terreni, Jasmin; Remhof, Arndt; Heel, Andre; Proost, Joris, et al
2018Exsolution and integration of nanosized SMART catalysts for next generation SOFC anodesBurnat, Dariusz; Holzer, Lorenz; Franken, Tanja; Mai, Andreas; Heel, Andre
Jun-2019Faszination Klebstoffe : Sicht eines ChemikersBrändli, Christof
2010Flame spray deposition of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ thin films: microstructural characterization, electrochemical performance and degradationKarageorgakis, Nikolaos. I.; Heel, Andre; Bieberle-Hütter, Anja; Rupp, Jennifer L.M.; Graule, Thomas, et al
2011Flame spray deposition of nanocrystalline dense Ce0.8Gd0.2O2−δ thin films : deposition mechanism and microstructural characterizationKarageorgakis, Nikolaos I.; Heel, Andre; Graule, Thomas; Gauckler, Ludwig J.
2010Flame spray synthesis of nanoscale La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ and Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ as cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cellsHeel, Andre; Holtappels, P.; Hug, P.; Graule, T.