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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Schmerz, Körperwahrnehmung und Kontrolle der BewegungLuomajoki, Hannu
2018Schmerzmechanismen und Clinical ReasoningLuomajoki, Hannu; Schesser, Ralf
2016Schmerzmessung durch Selbstbeurteilung bei älteren Menschen mit kognitiver BeeinträchtigungAegerter, Andrea Martina; Kool, Jan
2016Schmerzmessung durch Selbstbeurteilung bei älteren Menschen mit kognitiver BeeinträchtigungAegerter, Andrea Martina; Kool, Jan
2018Sechs Richtige : mit der Testbatterie die lumbale Bewegungskontrolle untersuchenLuomajoki, Hannu
2017Segmentale lumbale Wirbelsäulenbeweglichkeit und –stabilität : PAIMs und PPIVMsLuomajoki, Hannu
2017Segmentale zervikale Wirbelsäulenbeweglichkeit und –stabilität : PAIMs und PPIVMsLuomajoki, Hannu
2014Self-efficacy for physical activity and insight into its benefits are modifiable factors associated with physical activity in people with COPD : a mixed-methods studyRausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin
2015Selkäkivun moderni hoito fysioterapiassaLuomajoki, Hannu
2014Sensorimotor tests, such as movement control and laterality judgment accuracy, in persons with recurrent neck pain and controls : a case-control studyElsig, Simone; Luomajoki, Hannu; Sattelmeyer, Martin; Taeymans, Jan; Tal-Akabi, Amir, et al
2015Short-term effect on pain and function of neurophysiological education and sensorimotor retraining compared to usual physiotherapy in patients with chronic or recurrent non-specific low back pain, a pilot randomized controlled trialWälti, Philipp; Kool, Jan; Luomajoki, Hannu
2014Shortened M Psoas Major increases Lumbar Lordosis : an experimental approachSchmid, Bruno; Kuster, Roman; Bauer, Christoph; Baumgartner, Daniel; Kool, Jan
11-Apr-2017Signifikanz Ade : Alternativen der statistischen Inferenz : Vorlesung gehalten an der Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte WissenschaftenMeichtry, André
2018Soft wearable device for lower limb assistance : assessment of an optimized energy efficient actuation prototypePoliero, Tommaso; Di Natali, Christian; Sposito, Matteo; Ortiz, Jesus; Graf, Eveline, et al
4-Oct-2018Solving real life problems : bridging user needs and engineering for digital health solutionsGraf, Eveline; Wirz, Markus
2013Specialization in pediatric physical therapy at an academic level in the German-speaking region of SwitzerlandAkhbari Ziegler, Schirin
2017Statistik : Handbuch für TherapeutenMeichtry, André
2017Sturzprävention in der Physiotherapie : Fachbroschüre 2.249.01Frankhauser, Pia; Frehner, Daniela; Fürer Cernades, Carmen; Knuchel-Schnyder, Silvia; Zindel, Barbara, et al
2016Sub-classification based specific movement control exercises are superior to general exercise in sub-acute low back pain when both are combined with manual therapy : a randomized controlled trialLehtola, Vesa; Luomajoki, Hannu; Leinonen, Ville; Gibbons, Sean; Airaksinen, Olavi
2015Subacromiales ImpingementLuomajoki, Hannu