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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Oct-2004Teaching modules on sustainability at Universities of Applied SciencesCarabias-Hütter, Vicente
2005Teaching sustainability at Universities of Applied SciencesCarabias-Hütter, Vicente; Kunz, Markus; Renner, Erich
2014Technologien auf dem Prüfstand : neu entwickeltes Indikatorenset zur Bewertung der Stromproduktion anhand der Ziele der Energiestrategie 2050Ferraro, Francesco; Sanchez, Diego; Lobsiger-Kägi, Evelyn; Moser, Corinne; Carabias, Vicente
2008Teillohnstellen in privatwirtschaftlichen Unternehmen : Welche Geschäftsprozesse und Tätigkeiten eignen sich und welches sind entscheidende Erfolgsfaktoren?Brunner, Anita; Lellig, Christiane; Winistörfer, Herbert; Lang, Thomas
2011The 4th International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) and grand societal challengesBoden, Mark; Cagnin, Cristiano; Carabias, Vicente; Goenaga, Xabier; Hageman, Karel, et al
2007The economic potential of regional nature parks in Switzerland : a case study of the planned regional nature parks in the canton of BernSiegrist, Dominik; Aufdereggen, Marco; Lintzmeyer, Florian; Spiess, Harry
2018The flexible prosumer : measuring the willingness to co-create distributed flexibilityKubli, Merla; Loock, Moritz; Wüstenhagen, Rolf
2018The future of the German automotive industry : transformation by disaster or by design?Bormann, René; Fink, Philipp; Holzapfel, Helmut; Rammler, Stephan; Sauter-Servaes, Thomas, et al
2017The influence of Industrial Internet of Things on international manufacturing networksDeflorin, Patricia; Scherrer, Maike; Schillo, Katrin; Ziltener, Andreas
2018The Kursk submarine disaster in view of resilience assessmentLeksin, Alexey; Mock, Ralf Günter
2005The motivational and instantaneous behavior effects of contexts : steps towards a theory of goal-directed behaviorScheuthle, Hannah; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente; Kaiser, Florian G.
Sep-2013The potential of a web-based personalized horizon scanning toolBachmann, Tobias; Doukaras, Antonios; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente; Braschler, Martin
2014The potential of QRA audit tools in industrial fire and explosion protectionLeksin, Alexey; Mock, Ralf Günter; Barth, U.
Jun-2014The precarious consensus on the importance of energy securityBlumer, Yann Benedict; Seidl, Roman; Moser, Corinne
2015The precarious consensus on the importance of energy security : contrasting views between Swiss energy users and expertsBlumer, Yann B.; Moser, Corinne; Patt, Anthony; Seidl, Roman
2018The relationship between IIoT and Supply Chain IntegrationDeflorin, Patricia; Scherrer, Maike
2017The role of ICT-based information systems in knowledge transfer within multinational companiesSzász, Levente; Scherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia; Sevrani, Kozeta; Cico, Betim, et al
2014The transformation of transportation : which borders will we have to cross in the future?Hoppe, Merja; Christ, Andreas
2013The urgency of energy conservation : required behaviour and social norm change for demand-side managementCarabias-Hütter, Vicente; Lobsiger-Kägi, Evelyn; Mourik, Ruth; Rotmann, Sea
2001Tools needed for sustainability evaluation : the social compatibility analysis (SCA)Winistörfer, Herbert; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente