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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Inclination-dependent changes of the critical shoulder angle significantly influence superior glenohumeral joint stabilityMoor, B.K.; Kuster, Roman; Osterhoff, G.; Baumgartner, Daniel; Werner, C.M.L., et al
2016Influence of the position of pedicle screw : a finite element analysisMüller, Dominic; Heinlein, Bernd; Gosheger, G.; Schmölz, W.; Schulte, T. L.
2013Investigation of a novel dynamic office chair to mobilize pelvis and spineSchelldorfer, Sarah; Tomatis, Laura; Kuster, Roman
2020Is sitting always inactive and standing always active? : a simultaneous free-living activPal and ActiGraph analysisKuster, Roman P.; Grooten, Wilhelmus J. A.; Blom, Victoria; Baumgartner, Daniel; Hagströmer, Maria, et al
16-Jun-2018Leichte Wagenkasten durch integrierte SandwichtechnologieHesselbarth, Hanfried; Leutenegger, Simon; Hartwig, Markus
Sep-2019Leichtere Waggons dank integrierter SandwichbauweiseHesselbarth, Hanfried; Hartwig, Markus; Leutenegger, Simon
2015Leichtere Waggons dank integrierter Sandwichbauweise mit FSW-TechnologieHossfeld, Max; Leutenegger, Simon; Hesselbarth, Hanfried; Hartwig, Markus
2018Measuring sedentary behavior by means of muscular activity and accelerometryKuster, Roman; Huber, Mirco; Hirschi, Silas; Siegl, Walter; Baumgartner, Daniel, et al
Aug-2017Mechanical modeling and validation of selected polymers for highly dynamic impact loadsEberlein, Robert; Rizos, Dimosthenis; Pasieka, Lucian
2013Modeling of the femoral offset in a musculoskeletal modelScheuner, Erika; Giesinger, Karlmeinrad; Heinlein, Bernd
Jul-2014Muscular activity while sitting on a novel dynamic office chairKuster, Roman; Oetiker, Sarah; Baumgartner, Daniel; Kool, Jan
2014Novel balance platform : a feasibility study to collect normative dataSchmid, Bruno; Kuster, Roman; Baumgartner, Daniel
2014Novel dynamic chair concept to mobilise pelvis and spineKuster, Roman; Gossweiler, Lukas; Bauer, Christoph; Oetiker, Sarah; Kool, Jan, et al
2013Novel dynamic chair concept to mobilise pelvis and spineKuster, Roman; Gossweiler, Lukas; Schelldorfer, Sarah; Kool, Jan; Meier, Jürg, et al
2014Novel method to investigate cushioning effects of suspension forks : a human centered pilot studyBircher, Andreas; Kuster, Roman; Geisendorf, Markus; Baumgartner, Daniel
2016Numerical based medical interventionMüller, Dominic; Heinlein, Bernd; Fitze, Thomas; Pauchard, Yves
2015Optimisation of nonlinear material parameter in uniaxial compression tests of elastomer specimen, involving frictionEberlein, Robert; Kappeler, Robin
2015Patientenunterstützendes System zur Wiedererlangung der funktionellen Bewegungsfähigkeit des SchultergelenksKuster, Roman; Scheuner, Erika; Ameti, Serif; Denzler, Dario; Textor, Dominik, et al
Jan-2020Prediction of long-term behavior for dynamically loaded TPUEberlein, Robert; Pasieka, Lucian
2016RANS-LES hybrid turbulence modelling for aeroelastic problems : test case 3 in the second aeroelastic prediction workshopRighi, Marcello