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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013Biomechanical analysis of the ground reaction force during kick-off acceleration on roller skisBaumgartner, Daniel; Arici, N.; Nart, M.; Bauer, C.
2020Biomechanical analysis of the humeral head coverage, glenoid inclination and acromio-glenoidal height as isolated components of the critical shoulder angle in a dynamic cadaveric shoulder modelBouaicha, Samy; Kuster, Roman; Schmid, Bruno; Baumgartner, Daniel; Zumstein, Matthias, et al
2014Combining image segmentation and interactive 3D web visualization to enable patient-specific finite element modelling as a software serviceBrowarnik, Diego Hernan; Bach, Thomas; Schärli, Christian; Heinlein, Bernd; Pauchard, Yves
2019Detecting prolonged sitting bouts with the ActiGraph GT3XKuster, Roman; Grooten, Wilhelmus J. A.; Baumgartner, Daniel; Blom, Victoria; Hagströmer, Maria, et al
2018Determination of a sagittal plane axis of rotation for a dynamic office chairBauer, Christoph; Rast, F.M.; Böck, C.; Kuster, Roman; Baumgartner, Daniel
2018Efficient material parameter calibration of elastomer specimen in uniaxial tension, planar shear and equibiaxial tensionEberlein, Robert; Holenstein, Simon
2014Entwicklung eines neuen dynamischen Bürostuhls zur Mobilisierung der WirbelsäuleKuster, Roman; Baumgartner, Daniel
2012Experimental aerodynamic analysis of a slow running vertical axis wind turbineManfriani, Leonardo; Ammann, Michael; Righi, Marcello
2013Experimental shoulder simulation with rotating scapula and individually controlled muscle forcesBaumgartner, Daniel; Tomas, Daniel; Gossweiler, Lukas
Jul-2016Experimental shoulder testing under in-vivo anatomy and physiologyKuster, Roman; Schmid, Bruno; Gossweiler, Lukas; Moor, Beat; Bouaicha, Samy, et al
2018Extension of analytical indicial aerodynamics to generic trapezoidal wings in subsonic flowDa Ronch, Andrea; Ventura, Antonino; Righi, Marcello; Franciolini, Matteo; Berci, Marco, et al
7-Dec-2020Fatigue life analysis of solid elastomer-like polyurethanesEberlein, Robert; Fukada, Yuta; Pasieka, Lucian
2013Finite element analysis of the bone resorption in the humerus after shoulder arthroplastyScheuner, Erika; Mathieu, Claude; Simmen, Beat R.; Heinlein, Bernd
2015Flüssiges Natrium mit einem Standardwerkstoff abdichtenHuber, Cyril; Eberlein, Robert; Kappeler, Robin; Fehr, Roland; Scarfe, Peter, et al
2015Heiss, hochreaktiv und hochbelastet : flüssiges Natrium in einer Planetenmagnetfeld-Forschungseinrichtung mit einem Standardwerkstoff abdichtenHuber, Cyril; Eberlein, Robert; Fehr, Roland; Scarfe, Peter; Noir, Jérome, et al
2015High-fidelity aeroelasticityRighi, Marcello; Koch, Jan
2016Inclination-dependent changes of the critical shoulder angle significantly influence superior glenohumeral joint stabilityMoor, B.K.; Kuster, Roman; Osterhoff, G.; Baumgartner, Daniel; Werner, C.M.L., et al
2016Influence of the position of pedicle screw : a finite element analysisMüller, Dominic; Heinlein, Bernd; Gosheger, G.; Schmölz, W.; Schulte, T. L.
2013Investigation of a novel dynamic office chair to mobilize pelvis and spineSchelldorfer, Sarah; Tomatis, Laura; Kuster, Roman
2020Is sitting always inactive and standing always active? : a simultaneous free-living activPal and ActiGraph analysisKuster, Roman P.; Grooten, Wilhelmus J. A.; Blom, Victoria; Baumgartner, Daniel; Hagströmer, Maria, et al