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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014Collaborative research : learning through participatory scenariosMüller, Adrian W.; Hefti, Jacques
2015Coopetition research : towards a better understanding of past trends and future directionsGast, Johanna; Filser, Matthias; Gundolf, Katherine; Kraus, Sascha
2019Cultural Web : sieben Elemente zur Entwicklung der UnternehmenskulturRawitzer, Heike; Hefti, Jacques
2017Developing sustainably responsible strategies in businessSchüz, Mathias
2017Digital leadership : best practice in leadership - von KMU für KMUMüller, Adrian W.; Müller, Frithjof
1-Nov-2018Digital Leadership : Führen im digitalen ZeitalterMüller, Adrian W.; Loretan, Stephan
2017Digitisation of startup training : practising what we preachGraziano, Benjamin
2014Dissonanz an der SteckdoseCometta, Claudio
2019Does it last? : long-term impacts of an app-based behavior change intervention on household electricity savings in SwitzerlandWemyss, Devon; Cellina, Francesca; Lobsiger-Kägi, Evelyn; de Luca, Vanessa; Castri, Roberta
7-Feb-2018E-bike trials’ potential to promote sustained changes in car owners’ mobility habitsMoser, Corinne; Blumer, Yann; Hille, Stefanie Lena
2019Ecosystem innovation : dimensions, essentials and measures for successful collaborationsBeckenbauer, Angela; Filser, Matthias; Hösli, Kathrin
19-May-2016Energieversorger im WandelCometta, Claudio; Blumer, Yann
26-Oct-2016Die Energiewende beschleunigenMarchand, Christina
2017Entrepreneurial growth : an empirical approach towards the scalability of businessHefti, Jacques
2015Entrepreneurial growth : an empirical approach towards the scalability of business modelsHefti, Jacques
2015Entrepreneurial leadership : vision casting and the role of signallingHefti, Jacques; Levie, Jonathan
27-Dec-2017Entrepreneurial orientation : the dark triad of executive personalityKraus, Sascha; Berchtold, Jennifer; Palmer, Carolin; Filser, Matthias
31-Mar-2014Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance : a comparative study of Austria, Liechtenstein and SwitzerlandFilser, Matthias; Eggers, Fabian
11-Jul-2019Entrepreneurial orientation in sports entrepreneurship : a mixed methods analysis of professional soccer clubs in the German-speaking countriesHammerschmidt, Jonas; Eggers, Fabian; Kraus, Sascha; Jones, Paul; Filser, Matthias
20-Aug-2019Entrepreneurship as catalyst for sustainable development : opening the black boxFilser, Matthias; Kraus, Sascha; Roig-Tierno, Norat; Kailer, Norbert; Fischer, Ulrike