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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Impact of consumer behavior on furan and furan-derivative exposure during coffee consumption : a comparison between brewing methods and drinking preferencesRahn, Anja; Yeretzian, Chahan
2016Impact of the surface energy of particulate foulants on membrane foulingZamani, Farhad; Ullah, Asmat; Akhondi, Ebrahim; Tanudjaja, Henry J.; Cornelissen, Emile R., et al
2015Improved fiber diameter determination of nanofibers through image analysis using a hierarchical scaling approachAdlhart, Christian; Deuber, Fabian
2016Improving 2D and 3D skin in vitro models, using macromolecular crowdingBenny, Paula; Badowski, Cedric; Lane, E. Birgitte; Raghunath, Michael
2016Improving the energy-related aspects of biowaste treatment in an experimental hydrothermal carbonization reactorLohri, Christian; Zabaleta, Imanol; Rohr, Manuel; Baier, Urs; Zurbrügg, Christian
Nov-2017In vitro characterization of a new composite material for biomedical applications and 3D (bio)printingBono, Epifania; Evers, Christoph; Schmid, Franca; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Rimann, Markus
Oct-2015In vitro culture development and polyphenolics production of Artemisia alba TurraKoleva, Petya; Wolfram, Evelyn; Pedrussio, Simona; Raynova, Yuliana; Evstatieva, Luba, et al
2019In vitro endothelialization of surface-integrated nanofiber networks for stretchable blood interfacesWeidenbacher, Lukas; Müller, Eike; Guex, Anne Géraldine; Zündel, Manuel; Schweizer, Peter, et al
May-2012In vitro evaluation of Ficoll‐enriched and genipin‐stabilised collagen scaffoldsSatyam, A.; Subramanian, G. S.; Raghunath, M.; Pandit, A.; Zeugolis, D. I.
May-2016In vitro models of human skin models featuring a glycated dermisBono, Epifania; Cloes, Nastasia; Merk, Markus; Mathes, Stephanie
2019In vitro study of the anticancer effects of biotechnological extracts of the endangered plant species satureja khuzistanicaKhojasteh, Abbas; Metón, Isidoro; Camino, Sergio; Cusido, Rosa M.; Eibl-Schindler, Regine, et al
Aug-2016In vivo confirmation of hydration-induced changes in human-skin thickness, roughness and interaction with the environmentDabrowska, Agnieszka K.; Adlhart, Christian; Spano, Fabriziano; Rotaru, Gelu-Marius; Derler, Siegfried, et al
2019In-host evolution of Staphylococcus epidermidis in a pacemaker-associated endocarditis resulting in increased antibiotic toleranceDengler Haunreiter, Vanina; Boumasmoud, Mathilde; Häffner, Nicola; Wipfli, Dennis; Leimer, Nadja, et al
2016In-line glucose measurement in single-use bioreactorsPoggendorf, Iris
27-Oct-2017In-Silico UHPLC method optimization for aglycones in the herbal laxatives aloe barbadensis Mill., Cassia angustifolia Vahl Pods, Rhamnus frangula L. Bark, Rhamnus purshianus DC. Bark, and Rheum palmatum L. RootsMeier, Nadja; Meier, Beat; Peter, Samuel; Wolfram, Evelyn
2003In-vivo analysis of aroma release while eating food : a novel set-up for monitoring on-line nosespace airAli, Santo; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan
2015Incorporation of a FRET dye pair into mesoporous materials : a comparison of fluorescence spectra, FRET activity and dye accessibilityWidmer, Susanne; Reber, Michael J.; Müller, Patrick; Housecroft, Catherine E.; Constable, Edwin C., et al
2015Incorporation of a prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor into scaffolds : a strategy for stimulating vascularizationSham, Adeline; Martinez, Eliana C.; Beyer, Sebastian; Trau, Dieter W.; Raghunath, Michael
2018Indigo in the nanochannels of zeolite L : towards a new type of colorantWoodtli, Pascal; Giger, Sandro; Müller, Patrick; Sägesser, Lucie; Zucchetto, Nicola, et al
Oct-2004Individualization of flavor preferences : toward a consumer-centric and individualized aroma scienceYeretzian, Chahan; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Ali, Santo