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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1997On-line monitoring of food volatiles by laser ionization mass spectroscopy (REMPI_TOFMS) : first results for coffee, tea and cocoaZimmermann, Ralf; Heger, Hans Jörg; Dorfner, Ralph; Yeretzian, Chahan; Kettrup, Antonius, et al
Mar-2012Online monitoring of coffee roasting by proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry (PTR-ToF-MS) : towards a real-time process control for a consistent roast profileWieland, Flurin; Gloess, Alexia N.; Keller, Marco; Wetzel, Andreas; Schenker, Stefan, et al
2012Online monitoring of the roastwer off-gas during coffee roasting using proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectroscopy (PTR-ToF-MS) : towards a real-time process control for a consistent roast profileWieland, Flurin; Glöss, Alexia; Keller, Marco; Wetzel, Andreas; Schenker, Stefan, et al
2019Online-Analyse der KaffeeröstungGlöss, Alexia; Yeretzian, Chahan; Knochenmuss, Richard; Groessl, Michael
2019Online-Analyse der Kaffeeröstung : Aromen-Bildung in der Ionenmobilitäts-SpektrometrieYeretzian, Chahan; Glöss, Alexia N.; Knochenmuss, Richard
Dec-2018Online-Analyse der Kaffeeröstung mittels Ionenmobilitäts-SpektrometrieYeretzian, Chahan
2017Optical visualisation of thermogenesis in stimulated singlecell brown adipocytesKriszt, Rókus; Arai, Satoshi; Itoh, Hideki; Lee, Michelle H.; Goralczyk, Anna G., et al
2015Optimization of an UHPLC method for flavonoids from Hypericum speciesKönye, Rita; Peter, Samuel; György, Zsusanna; Wolfram, Evelyn; Danova, Kalina
2013Optimization of in vitro culture system for biomass and polyphenolics production in Inula britannica and Sideritis scardica Sofia 2 cultivarDanova, Kalina; Evstatieva, Ljuba N.; Todorova, Milka; Trendafilova, Antoaneta; Wolfram, Evelyn
2016Optimization of LC separation of anthraquinones in Sennae fructus and Sennae folium supported by an in-silico toolPeter, Samuel; Meier, Nadja; Josic, Gojko; Meier, Beat; Wolfram, Evelyn
Jan-2013Organic chemistry : the heart and soul of drug discoveryRiedl, Rainer
2006Organization of nanoparticles on hard substrates using block copolymer films as templatesMinelli, Caterina; Geissbuehler, Isabelle; Hinderling, Christian; Heinzelmann, Harry; Vogel, Horst, et al
2004Organometallic block copolymers as catalyst precursors for templated carbon nanotube growthHinderling, Christian; Keles, Yanki; Stöckli, Thomas; Knapp, Helmut F.; de los Arcos, Teresa, et al
2011Overtone spectroscopy, quantum dynamics and molecular parity violationStohner, Jürgen
2006Paediatic medulloblastoma cells are susceptible to Viscum album L. (mistletoe) preparationsZuzak, T.; Rist, L.; Eggenschwiler, J.; Grotzer, M. A.; Viviani, A.
2011Parallel reactors for enzymatic hydrolysis of biomassRiedlberger, Peter
2002Parallele Substratkontrolle in Bioreaktoren mit geringem Volumenk.A.; Wolfram, Evelyn P.
2008Parity violating electroweak interaction effects in calculated (Ro)vibrational spectra of polyatomic chiral moleculesQuack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen
2019Parity violationBerger, Robert; Stohner, Jürgen
8-Jul-2010Parity violation in molecular spectroscopy and its consequencesStohner, Jürgen