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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1997Frequency doubling of 1083 nm diode-laser radiation for locking to iodine absorptionMinardi, F.; Knight, D. J. E.; Arie, A.; Pavone, F. S.; Venturini, Francesca, et al
2015From forces of nature to physics of dynamical systemsDumont, Elisabeth
2014From forces of nature to the physics of dynamical systemsVenturini, Francesca; Dumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Maurer, Werner
2016From forces of nature to the physics of dynamical systemsDumont, Elisabeth
2014From hierarchies to well-foundednessFlumini, Dandolo; Sato, Kentaro
2014From image schemas to narrative structures in sciencesFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2017From metaphors to narratives in macroscopic physical science : stories of forces of nature for young children and their teachersFuchs, Hans U.; Contini, Anamaria; Corni, Federico; Dumont, Elisabeth; Landini, Alessandra
2015From stories to scientific models and back : narrative framing in modern macroscopic physicsFuchs, Hans Ulrich
14-Nov-2018Gas measurement systemVenturini, Francesca; Bergstroem, Paer; Hertel, Martin
2016High-resolution two-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyCousin, Samuel; Charlier, Cyril; Kadeřávek, Pavel; Marquardsen, Thorsten; Tyburn, Jean-Max, et al
15-Sep-2020Holistic view on cell survival and DNA damage : how model-based data analysis supports exploration of dynamics in biological systemsWeyland, Mathias S.; Thumser-Henner, Pauline; Nytko, Katarzyna J.; Rohrer Bley, Carla; Ulzega, Simone, et al
2-Nov-2017Horizontal magnet arrangement with radial accessVenturini, Francesca; Mock, Patrick; Schauwecker, Robert
2-Sep-2020How (not) to measure bias in face recognition networksGlüge, Stefan; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Flumini, Dandolo; Stadelmann, Thilo
15-Aug-2014Integrated planar optical waveguide interferometer biosensors : a comparative reviewKozma, Peter; Kehl, Florian; Ehrentreich-Förster, Eva; Stamm, Christoph Georg; Bier, Frank F.
2013Introduction to the special issue on morphological computationHauser, Helmut; Sumioka, Hidenobu; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Pfeifer, Rolf
2015Investigation of the Luminescence Emission of Chromium(III)-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Borate for the Design of an Optical Temperature SensorBorisov, Sergey; Klimant, Ingo; Schönherr, Veit; Bürgi, René; Venturini, Francesca
2004Laser micromachining of high-density optical structures on large substratesBöhlen, Karl L.; Stassen Böhlen, Ines B.
2002Laser-assisted manufacture for performance-optimized dielectrically loaded GPS antennas for mobile telephonesLeisten, Oliver; Fieret, Jim; Stassen Böhlen, Ines; Rumsby, Phil T.; McEvoy, Patrick, et al
2013Laserscanner für den mobilen Einsatz im BahnbereichRupf, Marcel; Markendorf, Ralf
2012Linac radiation shielding under clinical conditions : radiation protection case reportHaller, Käthy; Scheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd