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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014The narrative structure of continuum thermodynamicsFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2013The random graph intuition for the tournament gameClemens, Dennis; Gebauer, Heidi; Liebenau, Anita
12-Dec-2018The role of models in applied sciencesFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel
May-2017The secret life of keys : on the calculation of mechanical lock systemsVömel, Christof; De Lorenzi, Flavio; Beer, Samuel; Fuchs, Erwin
2015The use of dose length product DLP, signal-to-noise ratio SNR and difference detail curve DDC for protocol characterization and optimizationOezden, Ismail; Sommer, Christian; Lutters, Gerd; Scheidegger, Stephan
2011Theoretical methods for the calculation of Bragg curves and 3D distributions of proton beamsMatsinos, Evangelos; Ulmer, Waldemar
26-Aug-2016Theory in the applied sciences, Invited talk Norbert Straumann to his 80th birthday, Seminar in Lavin, organized by Prof. Ruedi StoopFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel
Mar-2013Three-integral multi-component dynamical models and simulations of the nuclear star cluster in NGC 4244De Lorenzi, Flavio; Hartmann, Markus; Debattista, Victor P.; Seth, Anil C.; Gerhard, Ortwin
2015Tool qualification considerations for tools supporting STPAKrauss, Sven Stefan; Rejzek, Martin; Hilbes, Christian
2015Tool qualification considerations for tools supporting STPAKrauss, Sven Stefan; Rejzek, Martin; Hilbes, Christian
3-Dec-2016Towards a modeling language for Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) : Proposal for a domain specific language (DSL) for model driven Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) based on UMLKrauss, Sven Stefan; Rejzek, Martin; Reif, Monika Ulrike; Hilbes, Christian
Jul-2019Towards low-carbon conferencing : acceptance of virtual conferencing solutions and other sustainability measures in the ALIFE communityFellermann, Harold; Penn, Alexandra S.; Füchslin, Rudolf M.; Bacardit, Jaume; Goñi-Moreno, Angel
2017Ultracompact oxygen sensor using nanoporous materials as strongly-scattering multipass cell for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopyVenturini, Francesca; Schönherr, Veit; Adolfsson, Erik
2018Understanding the dynamics of solar energy systems by using simulation narrativesWitzig, Andreas; Borth, S.; Danesi, Serena
2019Unsupervised learning and simulation for complexity management in business operationsHollenstein, Lukas; Lichtensteiger, Lukas; Stadelmann, Thilo; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Budde, Lukas, et al
2014Use of STPA in digital instrumentation and control systems of nuclear power plantsRejzek, Martin
2013Using state variables to model the response of tumour cells to radiation and heat : a novel multi-hit-repair approachScheidegger, Stephan; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Zaugg, Kathrin; Bodis, Stephan; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel
2017Visual metaphors as applied to process diagramsDumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich
1996Weltkarten: Produkt aus Weltbild, Erdkunde und Mathematik : geometrische Grundlegung der VermessungslehreHaller, Thomas; Huber, Martin
2014When science needs conceptual change : what thermodynamics tells us about continuity of conceptualizationsFuchs, Hans Ulrich