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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Capturing suprasegmental features of a voice with RNNs for improved speaker clusteringStadelmann, Thilo; Glinski-Haefeli, Sebastian; Gerber, Patrick; Dürr, Oliver
2011Car-IT = das Auto als Mobile DeviceLiebhart, Daniel
2000CGI Project methodologyZimmerli, Frank; Rigley, Vanessa; Senti, Patrik; Gilardi, Simona; Baudinot, Gerold, et al
2018Classifying patent applications with ensemble methodsBenites de Azevedo e Souza, Fernando; Malmasi, Shervin; Zampieri, Marcos
2004CLEF 2003 : overview of resultsBraschler, Martin
2004CLEF 2003 methodology and metricsBraschler, Martin; Peters, Carol
2005CLEF 2004 : ad hoc track overview and results analysisBraschler, Martin; Di Nunzio, Giorgio Maria; Ferro, Nicola; Peters, Carol
Dec-2010CLEF 2010 conference on multilingual and multimodal information access evaluationAgosti, Maristella; Braschler, Martin; Choukri, Khalid; Ferro, Nicola; Harman, Donna, et al
19-Oct-2016Client TLS testing / detecting obfuscated JavaScriptsRennhard, Marc
2002Clinical evaluation of the WOMAC 3.0 OA Index in numeric rating scale format using a computerized touch screen versionTheiler, Robert; Spielberger, Jürgen; Bischoff, H. A.; Bellamy, N.; Huber, J., et al
2013Cloud experiences : past, present and future of the ICCLabEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Marti, Christof
2014Cloud incident management, challenges, research directions and architectural approachMunteanu, Victor Ion; Edmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Fortis, Teodor-Florin
2017Cloud robotics : SLAM and autonomous exploration on PaaSToffetti Carughi, Giovanni; Lötscher, Tobias; Kenzhegulov, Saken; Spillner, Josef; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2016Cloud standardsEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs; Richardson, Alexis; Harsh, Piyush; Ziegler, Wolfgang, et al
2017Cloud-native databases : an application perspectiveSpillner, Josef; Ramírez López, Manuel; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni
2014Cloudified IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) for network function virtualization (NFV)-based architecturesCarella, Giuseppe; Corici, Marius; Crosta, Paolo; Comi, Paolo; Bohnert, Thomas Michael, et al
2011CMS, ECM, DMS ... : die Aufgaben des WCM im Trend der Verschmelzung von SystemtypenLiebhart, Daniel
2018Co-transformation to cloud-native applications : development experiences and experimental evaluationSpillner, Josef; Bogado, Yessica; Benítez, Walter; López Pires, Fabio
2016Collaboration and human factors in software development : teaching agile methodologies based on industrial insightMeier, Andreas; Kropp, Martin
2004Combination approaches for multilingual text retrievalBraschler, Martin