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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014-12-03Oberflächenbeschichtungen mit Anti-Eis EigenschaftenHirayama, Martina; Siegmann, Konstantin; Meola, Giuseppe; Schäfer, Carsten; Dänhardt, Karin
2018-09-21Observing chemical reactions by time-resolved high-resolution neutron imagingTerreni, Jasmin; Trottmann, Matthias; Delmelle, Renaud; Heel, Andre; Trtik, Pavel; Lehmann, Eberhard H.; Borgschulte, Andreas
2015Ohmic resistance of nickel infiltrated chromium oxide scales in solid oxide fuel cell metallic interconnectsLinder, Markus; Hocker, Thomas; Holzer, Lorenz; Pecho, Omar; Friedrich, Andreas; Morawietz, Thomas; Hiesgen, Renate; Kontic, Roman; Iwanschitz, Boris; Mai, Andreas; Schuler, Andreas
2012On the chemical interaction of nanoscale lanthanum doped strontium titanates with common scandium and yttrium stabilized electrolyte materialsBurnat, Dariusz Artur; Heel, Andre; Holzer, Lorenz; Otal, Eugenio H.; Kata, Dariusz; Graule, Thomas J.
2014On the conductivity degradation and phase stability of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) zirconia electrolytes analysed via XRDTerner, Mark; Schuler, J. Andreas; Mai, Andreas; Penner, Dirk
2010-12On the photocatalytic degradation of phenol and dichloroacetate by BiVO4 : the need of a sacrificial electron acceptorCastillo, Nikola C.; Ding, Laura; Heel, Andre; Graule, Thomas; Pulgarin, Cesar
2010-10On the synthesis and performance of flame-made nanoscale La0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ and its influence on the application as an intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathodeHeel, Andre; Holtappels, Peter; Graule, Thomas
2010One-step hydrothermal coating approach to photocatalytically active oxide compositesZhou, Ying; Krumeich, Frank; Heel, Andre; Patzke, Greta R.
2017-02Photografting of perfluoroalkanes onto polyethylene surfaces via azide/nitrene chemistrySiegmann, Konstantin; Inauen, Jan; Villamaina, Diego; Winkler, Martin
2014-03-26Polyamid-Schichtsilikat-ZusammensetzungenStoeppelmann, Georg; Hoffmann, Botho; Hewel, Manfred; Vertlib, Viacheslav; Plötze, Lothar Michael; Meier, Lorenz; Vetterli, Bettina; Hirayama, Martina
2018-07-27Process optimization for improved adhesion in the grafting of triethoxyvinylsilane on VLDPE via reactive extrusionSchaible, Stefan; Meincke, Olaf; Schulthess, Adrian; Brändli, Christof
2011Properties of flame sprayed Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9-δ electrolyte thin filmsKarageorgakis, Nikolaos I.; Heel, Andre; Rupp, Jennifer L. M.; Aguirre, Myriam H.; Graule, Thomas; Gauckler, Ludwig J.
2018Ein Quantensprung in der SkiwachstechnologieSiegmann, Konstantin
2018-06-21Reaktive Extrusion zur Herstellung von Haftvermittlern für die Co-extrusionBrändli, Christof
2000Reduktion von flüchtigen organischen Kohlenwasserstoffen (VOC) mit dem BiotropfkörperverfahrenKrebs, Walter; Gamp, Edi; Kley-Raymann, Marta; Peter, Gustav; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Spielmann, Thomas; Brunner, Karl; Hungerbühler, Paul; Graf-Hausner, Ursula
2016Renewable fuels for sustainable electricity productionHeel, Andre
2014Schepeneses mumifizierte OrganeSiegmann, Konstantin; Scherrer, Christof; Sterchi, Robert; Siegmann, Renate
2015Selbstheilende KlebstoffeBrändli, Christof
2017SiC and SiOC ceramic articles produced by stereolithography of acrylate modified polycarbosilane systemsde Hazan, Yoram; Penner, Dirk
2006Simulated moving bed chromatography : the next step in HPLCvan Oordt, Thomas; Bayliss, Edwin; Netscher, Thomas; Bonrath, Werner; Spielmann, Thomas