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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Sample preparation of multiple steroids for quantitative determination by LC-MS/MS : comparison of two extraction proceduresSebregondi, Patrizia; Zaborosch, Christiane; van Staveren, Dave; Geyer, Roland; Svoboda, Michal
2018SCA water quality workshopWellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan
May-2014Scale-up of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cell production in stirred single-use bioreactors under low-serum conditionsSchirmaier, Carmen; Jossen, Valentin; Kaiser, Stephan C.; Jüngerkeks, Frank; Silke, Brill, et al
2004Ein Screening Assay zur Untersuchung der Biologie und Pathologie von ChondrozytenZaborosch, Christiane
2019Screening for active substances with TLC bioautography : challenges with artefactsMerki, Rebekka; Schönborn, Andreas; Pihan, Lisa-Anna-Maria; Wolfram, Evelyn
2018Screening of parameters impacting capsule coffee extractionEiermann, Andre; Guelat, Loic-Marco; Smrke, Samo; Wellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan
2005Selective functionalization of the external surface of zeolite LBrühwiler, Dominik; Calzaferri, Gion
2004Selective modification of the channel entrances of zeolite L with triethoxysilylated coumarinBan, Takayuki; Brühwiler, Dominik; Calzaferri, Gion
2013Self-absorption and luminescence quantum yields of dye-zeolite L compositesDevaux, André; Calzaferri, Gion; Miletto, Ivana; Cao, Pengpeng; Belser, Peter, et al
2018Self-assembly of Janus nanoparticles into transformable suprastructuresKang, Chengjun; Honciuc, Andrei
31-Mar-2011Self-organized patterns of microparticles in polymer filmsBauer, Christophe; Gartmann, Nando; Dieu, Le-Quyenh; Zuber, Nora; Dolamic, Igor, et al
2017Semiconductive materials with tunable electrical resistance and surface polarity obtained by asymmetric functionalization of Janus nanoparticlesMihali, Voichita; Honciuc, Andrei
1986Shell closings and geometric structure effects : a systematic approach to the interpretation of abundance distributions observed in photoionisation mass spectra for alkali cluster beamsKappes, Manfred; Radi, P.; Schär, M.; Yeretzian, Chahan; Schuhmacher, E.
Feb-2011Simple and rapid sample preparation for 25OH-Vitamin D3/D2 using an immobilized liquidWeibel, Roland; Zaborosch, Christiane; Svoboda, Michal; Geyer, Roland; Bartl, Ralf
2015Simultaneous delivery of highly diverse bioactive compounds from blend electrospun fibers for skin wound healingPeh, Priscilla; Lim, Natalie Sheng Jie; Blocki, Anna; Chee, Stella Min Ling; Park, Heyjin Chris, et al
2008Single molecule observations of fatty acid adsorption at the silica/water interface : activation energy of attachmentHonciuc, Andrei; Howard, Alexander L.; Schwartz, Daniel K.
2008Single-molecule observations of surfactant diffusion at the solution-solid interfaceHonciuc, Andrei; Harant, Adam W.; Schwartz, Daniel K.
May-2015Single-use (disposable) systems in biopharmaceutical processing : quo vadis?Eibl-Schindler, Regine; Eibl, Dieter
29-Sep-2011Single-use cell culture systems arrive : tracking the evolution and development of an increasingly used technologyEibl-Schindler, Regine; Eibl, Dieter
2013Single-use Pumpen in der ProzesstechnologieKaiser, Stephan; Eibl, Dieter