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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2006Paediatic medulloblastoma cells are susceptible to Viscum album L. (mistletoe) preparationsZuzak, T.; Rist, L.; Eggenschwiler, J.; Grotzer, M. A.; Viviani, A.
2011Parallel reactors for enzymatic hydrolysis of biomassRiedlberger, Peter
2002Parallele Substratkontrolle in Bioreaktoren mit geringem Volumenk.A.; Wolfram, Evelyn P.
2008Parity violating electroweak interaction effects in calculated (Ro)vibrational spectra of polyatomic chiral moleculesQuack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen
2019Parity violationBerger, Robert; Stohner, Jürgen
8-Jul-2010Parity violation in molecular spectroscopy and its consequencesStohner, Jürgen
29-Jun-2009Parity violation in molecular spectroscopy and quantrum dynamicsStohner, Jürgen
1993Partial separation of fullerenes by gradient sublimationYeretzian, Chahan; Wiley, John B.; Holczer, Karoly; Su, Tim; Nguyen, Song, et al
2016Particles at interfaces : general discussionStriolo, Alberto; Kim, Jongwook; Murphy, Catherine; Liz-Marzán, Luis; Lahann, Joerg, et al
2015PAT at the Universities of Applied SciencesDabros, Michal; Vorlet, Olivier; Marti, Roger; Riedl, Wolfgang; Grundler, Gerhard, et al
Sep-2016Persistence of aroma volatiles in the oral and nasal cavities : real-time monitoring of decay rate in air exhaled through the nose and mouthSánchez-López, José Antonio; Ziere, Aldo; Martins, Sara I F S; Zimmermann, Ralf; Yeretzian, Chahan
2019pH-responsive pickering foams generated by surfactant-free soft hydrogel particlesWu, Dalin; Mihali, Voichita; Honciuc, Andrei
2009Pharmacologically induced angiogenesis in transgenic zebrafishRaghunath, Michael; Wong, Yuan Sy; Farooq, Muhammad; Gee, Ruowen
2018Phenolic profile of Artemisia alba TurraTrendafilova, Antoaneta; Todorova, Milka; Genova, Victoria; Peter, Samuel; Wolfram, Evelyn, et al
2012Phenytoin reduces 5-aminolevulinic acid-induced protoporphyrin IX accumulation in malignant glioma cellsHefti, Martin; Albert, Ina; Luginbühl, Vera
2010Phospholipid diffusion at the oil-water interfaceWalder, Robert B.; Honciuc, Andrei; Schwartz, Daniel K.
24-Oct-2017Photostability of sennosides in solution and their degradation products 1Meier, Nadja; Meier, Beat; Peter, Samuel; Josic, Goijko; Wolfram, Evelyn
2014Physiological oxygen concentration alters glioma cell malignancy and responsiveness to photodynamic therapy in vitroAlbert, Ina; Hefti, Martin; Luginbühl, Vera
2014Phytochemical analysis using HPTLC and modern LC for application in quality control and medicinal plants research : trends and toolsWolfram, Evelyn; Peter, Samuel; Meier, Beat
2013Phytochemical assessment of the effect of stimulated in vitro multiplication on the metabolic profile of in vitro cultured Hypericum richeri and Artemisia albaWolfram, Evelyn; Hostettler, Lu; Peter, Samuel; Todorova, Milka; Trendafilova, Antoaneta, et al