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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014-03Macromolecular crowding amplifies adipogenesis of human bone marrow-derived MSCs by enhancing the pro-adipogenic microenvironmentAng, Xiu Min; Lee, Michelle H.C.; Blocki, Anna; Chen, Clarice; Ong, L.L. Sharon; Asada, H. Harry; Sheppard, Allan; Raghunath, Michael
2012Macromolecular crowding directs extracellular matrix organization and mesenchymal stem cell behaviorZeiger, Adam S.; Loe, Felicia C.; Li, Ran; Raghunath, Michael; Van Vliet, Krystyn J.
2015Macromolecular crowding gives rise to microviscosity, anomalous diffusion and accelerated actin polymerizationRashid, Rafi; Chee, Stella Min Ling; Raghunath, Michael; Wohland, Thorsten
2014-05Macromolecular crowding meets tissue engineering by self-assembly : a paradigm shift in regenerative medicineSatyam, Abhigyan; Kumar, Pramod; Fan, Xingliang; Gorelov, Alexander; Rochev, Yury; Joshi, Lokesh; Peinado, Héctor; Lyden, David; Thomas, Benjamin; Rodriguez, Brian; Raghunath, Michael; Pandit, Abhay; Zeugolis, Dimitrios
2015Macromolecularly crowded in vitro microenvironments accelerate the production of extracellular matrix-rich supramolecular assembliesKumar, Pramod; Satyam, Abhigyan; Fan, Xingliang; Collin, Estelle; Rochev, Yury; Rodriguez, Brian J.; Gorelov, Alexander; Dillon, Simon; Joshi, Lokesh; Raghunath, Michael; Pandit, Abhay; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.
2017Making microenvironments : a look into incorporating macromolecular crowding into in vitro experiments, to generate biomimetic microenvironments which are capable of directing cell function for tissue engineering applicationsBenny, Paula; Raghunath, Michael
2015Making more matrix : enhancing the deposition of dermal-epidermal junction components in vitro and accelerating organotypic skin culture development, using macromolecular crowdingBenny, Paula; Badowski, Cedric; Lane, E. Birgitte; Raghunath, Michael
2013Die Mangostan Frucht und ihre wirksamen Xanthone : eine aktuelle Literaturübersicht und ein Ausblick für den Einsatz in der KosmetikWolfram, Evelyn; Aus dem Siepen, Brigitte; Lindner, Michèle
2014-11-13Mass propagation of Helianthus annuus suspension cells in orbitally shaken bioreactors : improved growth rate in single-use bag bioreactorsWerner, Sören; Greulich, Judith; Geipel, Katja; Steingroewer, Juliane; Bley, Thomas; Eibl, Dieter
2000Mass spectrometric assay of polymerization catalysts for combinational screeningHinderling, Christian; Chen, Peter
2004-09-28Mass spectrometric screening of catalystsChen, Peter; Hinderling, Christian
2015Mass spectrometry-based glycan analysis of the glycoprotein ricinThurnheer, Anina; Josuran, Roland; Müller, Christian; Avondet, Marc-André; Zaborosch, Christiane
2015Massgeschneiderte NanokanäleBrühwiler, Dominik; Reber, Michael; Zucchetto, Nicola
2010Measuring partition coefficients of VOCs and their temperature dependence by dynamic stripping and proton-transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometryWieland, Flurin; Gloess, Alexia N.; Yeretzian, Chahan
2004-02-25Mechanism and activity of ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts : the role of ligands and substrates from a theoretical perspectiveAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2005Mechanism-based design of a ROMP catalyst for sequence-selective copolymerizationBornand, Marc; Chen, Peter
2000Mechanism-based high-throughput screening of catalystsHinderling, Christian; Adlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2007-08-17Mechanisms for the dehydrogenation of alkanes on platinum : insights gained from the reactivity of gaseous cluster cations, Pt(n)+, n = 1-21Adlhart, Christian; Uggerud, Einar
2006-01-20Mechanisms of catalytic dehydrogenation of alkanes by rhodium clusters Rhn+ probed by isotope labellingAdlhart, Christian; Uggerud, Einar
2005Mechanismus-basierte Entwicklung eines sequenzselektiven ROMP-Katalysators für die Copolymerisation von AlkenenBornand, Marc; Chen, Peter