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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1995A fully autonomous mobile mini-robotRohrer, Daniel; Schmid, Christian; Büchi, Roland
2008A high bandwidth, short stroke rotary shaker for MEMS testingWarden, Michael; Hofstettler, P.; Rindlisbacher, W.; Stomas, A.; Wälti, P.
2013A pragmatic approach for performance assessment of advanced process controlGupta, Arun; Mathur, Tarun; Stadler, Konrad; Gallestey, Eduardo
1996A remote controlled mobile mini robotCaprari, Gilles; Siegwart, Roland; Büchi, Roland
1995A robot system for automated handling in micro worldZesch, Wolfgang; Büchi, Roland; Codourey, Alain
2008A segmentation approach in novel real time 3D plant recognition systemSeatovic, Dejan
2017Additive manufacturing of ceramics by composite microextrusionPenner, Dirk; Fassbind, Adrian; Henke, René; Mauchle, Stéphane; de Hazan, Yoram
2015Analysis of necessary sensor spatial resolution for reliable plant detectionSeatovic, Dejan; Mure-Dubois, James
2014Analysis of off-the-shelf stereo camera system bumblebee XB3 for the fruit volume and leaf area estimationSeatovic, Dejan; Meiser, Vincent; Brand, Martin; Scherly, Daniel
2013Analysis of the low-energy π-p charge-exchange dataMatsinos, Evangelos; Rasche, G.
2012Analysis of the Low-Energy π-p Elastic-Scattering DataMatsinos, E.; Rasche, G.
2013Analysis of the low-energy π±p differential cross sections of the CHAOS CollaborationMatsinos, Evangelos; Rasche, Günther
2013Antriebsdynamik von Multirotor VTOL'sBüchi, Roland
3-Nov-2013Aspects of the ETH model of the pion-nucleon interactionMatsinos, Evangelos; Rasche, Günther
1995Auf zehn Nanometer genauZesch, Wolfgang; Büchi, Roland; Codourey, Alain
2004Automatic horizontal container transshipment systemHüppi, Richard Alexander; Nielsen, Einar; Neuweiler, Christian; Brom, Charles
2010Automatic weed detection and treatment in grasslandsSeatovic, Dejan; Kutterer, Hansjörg; Anken, Thomas
2009Automatic weed detection in grasslandSeatovic, Dejan; Kutterer, Hansjörg; Anken, Thomas; Holpp, Martin
1998Automatisch eingeparktBrom, Charles
2007Automatisches Unkrautbehandlungssystem basierend auf 3D PflanzenerkennungGrüninger, Rolf; Seatovic, Dejan