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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20161st workshop on applications of financial mathematics in banks and other financial institutionsBreymann, Wolfgang
20096. ‘‘I can you help?’’ Assessing speaking skills and interaction strategies of young learnersHoti, Andrea Haenni; Heinzmann, Sybille; Müller, Marianne
2015A classification framework for predicting components' remaining useful life based on discrete-event diagnostic dataFink, Olga; Zio, Enrico; Weidmann, Ulrich
2017A design approach to service transformation in small firmsMeierhofer, Jürg
2006A heuristic method for aircraft maintenance scheduling under various constraintsSteiner, Albert
2007-11A method to detect out of stockCorsten, Daniel; Heitz, Christoph; Ruckstuhl, Andreas
2015A mixture of environmental organic contaminants in lake sediments affects hatching from Daphniaresting eggsMöst, Markus; Chiaia-Hernandez, Aurea C.; Frey, Martin P.; Hollender, Juliane; Spaak, Piet
2018-05-22A model based two-stage classifier for airborne particles analyzed with computer controlled scanning electron microscopyMeier, Mario Federico; Mildenberger, Thoralf; Locher, René; Rausch, Juanita; Zünd, Thomas; Neururer, Christoph; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Grobéty, Bernard
2012A multi-component closed-loop control framework for rail traffic networksWüst, Raimond Matthias; Steiner, Albert
2008A new method for travel time estimation on long freeway sectionsSteiner, Albert; Sick, Beate
2008A new neighborhood and tabu search for job shop scheduling with blocking constraintsKlinkert, Andreas
2009A new neighborhood and tabu search for the blocking job shopGröflin, Heinz; Klinkert, Andreas
2010A nonsmooth Newton method with path search and its use in solving $C^{1,1}$ programs and semi-infinite problemsBütikofer, Stephan; Klatte, Diethard
2013A prototyping platform for contract based financial simulation and analysis in RBreymann, Wolfgang
2017A statistical analysis of carry tradingFritzmann, Siro; Jaggi, David; Osterrieder, Jörg
2017A statistical analysis of cryptocurrenciesChan, Stephen; Chu, Jeffrey; Nadarajah, Saralees; Osterrieder, Jörg
2017A statistical risk assessment of bitcoin and its extreme tail behaviourOsterrieder, Jörg; Lorenz, Julian
2000A stochastic cascade model for FX dynamicsBreymann, Wolfgang; Ghashghaie, Shoaleh; Talkner, Peter
2003A tool for preventive aircraft maintenance schedulingBarta, Janos; Steiner, Albert; Eigel, Ernst; Wüst, Urs; Hosang, Jürg
2002About model-based time series procedures : some remarks to TRAMO/SEATS and CENSUS X-12-ARIMAStier, W.; Wildi, Marc