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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017Learning embeddings for speaker clustering based on voice equalityLukic, Yanick X.; Vogt, Carlo; Dürr, Oliver; Stadelmann, Thilo
2014Learning long-term dependencies in segmented-memory recurrent neural networks with backpropagation of errorGlüge, Stefan; Böck, Ronald; Palm, Günther; Wendemuth, Andreas
2018Learning neural models for end-to-end clusteringMeier, Benjamin Bruno; Elezi, Ismail; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Dürr, Oliver; Stadelmann, Thilo
2015LEDs as cost-effective energy harvesters for IoT sensor nodesMeli, Marcel; Roth, Niklas; Gutzwiller, Pius
Jul-2019Die Lehre vom Zerfall der ITLiebhart, Daniel
2017Leveraging large amounts of weakly supervised data for multi-language sentiment classificationDeriu, Jan Milan; Lucchi, Aurelien; De Luca, Valeria; Severyn, Aliaksei; Müller, Simone, et al
2018LIHLITH : improving communication skills of robots through lifelong learningAgirre, Eneko; Marchand, Sarah; Rosset, Sophie; Peñas, Anselmo; Cieliebak, Mark
2019LIHLITH : learning to interact with humans by lifelong interaction with humansAgirre, Eneko; Otegi, Arantxa; Pradel, Camille; Rosset, Sophie; Peñas, Anselmo, et al
Nov-2017Limitations of current LP-WAN systemsMeli, Marcel; Kräuchi, Raphael
2019Load monitoring for orthoses with energy harvesting powered sensorGruber, Juan-Mario; Stahel, Andreas
2016Lockstep Prozessoren in FPGAs implementierenIdrizi, Gazmen; Doran, Hans; Zapke, Michael
2007Low cost solutions to pairing issues in IEEE 802.15.4 networksMeli, Marcel; Gysel, Martin; Würms, Martin
7-Nov-2013Low power window detector for ZigBee home automation applicationsMeli, Marcel; Rion, Olivier
6-Jun-2018Low-Power Netzwerke für unterirdische SensorenBlumensaat, Frank; Ebi, Christian; Rüst, Andreas; Schaltegger, Fabian
2015Low-power wireless : what is possible with Wi-Fi?Rüst, Andreas; Müller, Andreas Daniel
2010Machbarkeitsstudie für Service Vermittlungsplattform "PiArch" : Service-Plattform für revisionssichere Langzeit-ArchivierungRietberger, Stefan; Flaad, Barbara; Mund, Ewald; Baudinot, Gerold
14-Jun-2019Machine learning for position detection in footballFrey, Martin; Murina, Elvis; Rohrbach, Janick; Walser, Manuel; Haas, Patrick, et al
2016(Machine × Human Learning)^n – Partners Learning Together : KeynoteOtt, Thomas
5-Nov-2013Make or buy? : factors that Impact the adoption of cloud computing on the content levelConzenbach, Ivo; Russ, Christian; Vom Brocke, Jan
2019Making mobile map applications accessible for visually impaired peopleDarvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter; Frei, Jasmin