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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Clustered multidimensional scaling with Rulkov neuronsOtt, Thomas; Schüle, Martin; Held, Jenny; Albert, Carlo; Stoop, Ruedi
2019Clustering using chaotic circuit networks with weighted couplingsUwate, Yoko; Takamaru, Yuji; Ott, Thomas; Nishio, Yoshifumi
2013Co-ODB : integrating support for collaborative information systems into an object databasede Spindler, Alexandre; Leone, Stefania; Norrie, Moira
2018Co-transformation to cloud-native applications : development experiences and experimental evaluationSpillner, Josef; Bogado, Yessica; Benítez, Walter; López Pires, Fabio
2009Collaborative ad-hoc information sharing in cross-media information environmentsSigner, Beat; de Spindler, Alexandre; Norrie, Moira C.
2007Collaborative filtering based on opportunistic information sharing in mobile ad-Hoc networksde Spindler, Alexandre; Norrie, Moira C.; Grossniklaus, Michael
2018Combined fault location and classification for power transmission lines fault diagnosis with integrated feature extractionChen, Yann Qi; Fink, Olga; Sansavini, Giovanni
2017Communicating and transacting with chatbots : insights from public transportZumstein, Darius; Hundertmark, Sophie
2011Communication-bus observer used to help secure an area around robotic operating environmentsDoran, Hans
2004Communicational patterns as basis of organizational structuresAlbrecht, Steffen; Lübcke, Maren
2008Community Marketing : wie Unternehmen in sozialen Netzwerken Werte schaffenKaul, Helge; Steinmann, Cary
2017Comparing selected sub-GHz transceivers : results from the fieldHäring, Benjamin; Häring, Dimitri; Reifler, Lukas; Schaltegger, Fabian; Rüst, Andreas
2014Comparing the energy requirements of current Bluetooth Smart solutionsBernegger, Jachen; Meli, Marcel
2016Comparing the energy requirements of current bluetooth smart solutions (February 2016)Gugg, Mathias; Brütsch, Manuel; Brülisauer, Cornel; Meli, Marcel
2015Computational methods for detecting and analyzing tandem repeatsAnisimova, Maria
1986Computer mal menschlich : Lehrmittel für die Mittel- und OberstufePerrin, Daniel
2012Computer-assisted risk assessment audit on operational levelMock, Ralf Günter; Barth, Uli; Franz, Andrea; Brunner, Sandro; Leksin, Alexey
2008Connecting IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee devices in difficult physical EnvironmentsGysel, Martin; Meli, Marcel
2007Content management und ubiquitous computing : betriebswirtschaftliche PotenzialeChrist, Oliver
2003Content-Management in der Praxis : erfolgreicher Aufbau und Betrieb unternehmensweiter PortaleChrist, Oliver