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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2000Ab initio calculation and spectroscopic analysis of the intramolecular vibrational redistribution in 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroiodoethane CF3CHFIPochert, Jörg; Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Willeke, Martin
2003Conference report : physical methods for molecular and biomolecular structure and dynamicsAlbert Keppler, Karen; Albert, Sieghard; Gottselig, Michael; Hippler, Michael; Hollenstein, Hans, et al
2004Editorial and review : theoretical chemistry : molecular spectroscopy and dynamicsMariotti, Fabio; Quack, Martin; Willeke, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen
2008High-resolution spectroscopic studies and theory of parity violation in chiral moleculesQuack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Willeke, Martin
6-Jun-2005Isotopeneffekte durch Paritätsverletzung in chiralen MolekülenBerger, Robert; Laubender, Guido; Quack, Martin; Sieben, Achim; Stohner, Jürgen, et al
2001Mode selective stereomutation and parity violation in disulfane isotopomers H2S2, D2S2, T2S2Gottselig, Michael; Luckhaus, David; Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Willeke, Martin
15-Apr-2004Mode-selective stereomutation tunnelling and parity violation in HOClH(+) and H2Te2 isotopomersGottselig, Michael; Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Willeke, Martin
2004Theorie der Stereomutationsdynamik und der Paritätsverletzung in Molekülen mit helicaler ChiralitätWilleke, Martin; Gottselig, Michael; Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen
2015Wavepacket dynamics of the axially chiral molecule Cl-O-O-Cl under coherent radiative excitation and including parity violationPrentner, Robert; Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Willeke, Martin