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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2023Deep ensemble inverse model for image-based estimation of solar cell parametersBattaglia, Mattia; Comi, Ennio; Stadelmann, Thilo; Hiestand, Roman; Ruhstaller, Beat, et al
9-Dec-2022Electro-thermal model for lock-in infrared imaging of defects in perovskite solar cellsComi, Ennio; Knapp, Evelyne; Battaglia, Mattia; Kirsch, Christoph; Weidmann, Stefano, et al
2017Electrothermal simulation of large-area semiconductor devicesKirsch, Christoph; Altazin, Stéphane; Hiestand, Roman; Beierlein, Tilman; Ferrini, Rolando, et al
Oct-2020Finite element modeling for analysis of electroluminescence and infrared images of thin-film solar cellsDiethelm, Matthias; Penninck, Lieven; Regnat, Markus; Offermans, Ton; Zimmermann, Birger, et al
2019Modeling electrical and optical cross‐talk between adjacent pixels in organic light‐emitting diode displaysBraga, Daniele; Jenatsch, Sandra; Penninck, Lieven; Hiestand, Roman; Diethelm, Matthias, et al
2018Modelling crosstalk through common semiconductor layers in AMOLED displaysPenninck, Lieven; Diethelm, Matthias; Altazin, Stéphane; Hiestand, Roman; Kirsch, Christoph, et al
2018Quantitative analysis of pixel crosstalk in AMOLED displaysDiethelm, Matthias; Penninck, Lieven; Altazin, Stéphane; Hiestand, Roman; Kirsch, Christoph, et al
Aug-2020Simulation of beam shaping by micro‐textures for curved displaysAeberhard, Urs; Hiestand, Roman; Ruhstaller, Beat
2021Sinusoidal small-signal (AC) and steady-state (DC) analysis of large-area solar cellsComi, Ennio; Knapp, Evelyne; Weidmann, Stefano; Kirsch, Christoph; Jenatsch, Sandra, et al