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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1997A combined gas-phase, solution-phase, and computational study of C−H activation by cationic iridium(III) complexesHinderling, Christian; Feichtinger, Derek; Plattner, Dietmar A.; Chen, Peter
18-Jun-2003Catalytically accelerated gaseous phase reactionsChen, Peter; Plattner, Dietmar, A.; Hinderling, Christian; Feichtinger, Derek; Adlhart, Christian
20-Dec-2000Comparing Grubbs-, Werner-, and Hofmann-type (carbene)ruthenium complexes : the key role of pre-equilibria for olefin metathesisAdlhart, Christian; Volland, Martin A. O.; Hofmann, Peter; Chen, Peter
29-Apr-2003Comparing intrinsic reactivities of the first- and second-generation ruthenium metathesis catalysts in the gas phaseAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
1997Direct observation of a dissociative mechanism for C-H activation by a cationic iridium(III) complexHinderling, Christian; Plattner, Dietmar A.; Chen, Peter
6-Sep-2000Fishing for catalysts : mechanism-based probes for active species in solutionAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2012Homogeneous model complexes for supported rhenia metathesis catalystsLai, Yu-Ying; Bornand, Marc; Chen, Peter
2003Intrinsic reactivity of Ruthenium CarbenesAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2003Intrinsic reactivity of ruthenium carbenes : a combined gas phase and computational studyChen, Peter; Carreira, Erick M.; Adlhart, Christian
2-Dec-2002Ligand rotation distinguishes first- and second-generation ruthenium metathesis catalystsAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2000Mass spectrometric assay of polymerization catalysts for combinational screeningHinderling, Christian; Chen, Peter
28-Sep-2004Mass spectrometric screening of catalystsChen, Peter; Hinderling, Christian
25-Feb-2004Mechanism and activity of ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts : the role of ligands and substrates from a theoretical perspectiveAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2005Mechanism-based design of a ROMP catalyst for sequence-selective copolymerizationBornand, Marc; Chen, Peter
2000Mechanism-based high-throughput screening of catalystsHinderling, Christian; Adlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2005Mechanismus-basierte Entwicklung eines sequenzselektiven ROMP-Katalysators für die Copolymerisation von AlkenenBornand, Marc; Chen, Peter
2000Mechanistic studies of olefin metathesis by ruthenium carbene complexes using electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryAdlhart, Christian; Hinderling, Christian; Chen, Peter; Harold, Baumann
2007Mechanistically designed dual-site catalysts for the alternating ROMP of norbornene and cycloocteneBornand, Marc; Torker, Sebastian; Chen, Peter
2005New catalysts for ROMPBerke, Heinz; Frech Nabold, Christian M.; Blacque, Olivier; Adlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
16-Oct-1998Olefin metathesis of a ruthenium carbene complex by electrospray ionization in the gas phaseHinderling, Christian; Adlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter