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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Death in delirious palliative-care patients occurs irrespective of age : a prospective, observational cohort study of 229 delirious palliative-care patientsSeiler, Annina; Blum, David; Hertler, Caroline; Schettle, Markus; Zipser, Carl Moritz, et al
2021Delirium is associated with an increased morbidity and in-hospital mortality in cancer patients : results from a prospective cohort studySeiler, Annina; Blum, David; Deuel, Jeremy Werner; Hertler, Caroline; Schettle, Markus, et al
2023Development of a tool for palliative care needs assessment and intervention : mixed methods research at a Swiss tertiary oncology clinicDomeisen Benedetti, Franzisca; Fringer, André; Attoun-Knobel, Suzanne; Schmidt, Ellie B.; Strasser, Florian, et al
2022Lenalidomide in cancer cachexia : a randomized trial of an anticancer drug applied for anti‐cachexiaBlum, David; Hertler, Caroline; Oberholzer, Rolf; de Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Joerger, Markus, et al
23-Dec-2019Mobile health technologies for continuous monitoring of cancer patients in palliative care aiming to predict health status deterioration : a feasibility studyPavic, Matea; Klaas, Vanessa Christina; Theile, Gudrun; Kraft, Johannes; Tröster, Gerhard, et al
15-Jan-2021Natural ghrelin in advanced cancer patients with cachexia : a case seriesBlum, David; de Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Oberholzer, Rolf; Brändle, Michael; Hundsberger, Thomas, et al
14-Nov-2019Predisposing and precipitating risk factors for delirium in palliative care patientsSeiler, Annina; Schubert, Maria; Hertler, Caroline; Schettle, Markus; Blum, David, et al
2020Tools for guiding interventions to address patient-perceived multidimensional unmet healthcare needs in palliative care : systematic literature reviewSchmidt, Ellie B.; Blum, David; Domeisen Benedetti, Franzisca; Schlögl, Mathias; Strasser, Florian