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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Specificity and pace variability of therapists’ interventions under naturalistic conditionsKoemeda-Lutz, Margit; Crameri, Aureliano; Schulthess, Peter; von Wyl, Agnes; Tschuschke, Volker
2004Story dramaturgy and personal conflict : JAKOB A tool for narrative understanding and psychotherapeutic practiceBoothe, Brigitte; von Wyl, Agnes
28-Jul-2016Stress prevention in a risk and non-risk group of adolescents : how can we foster peer culture and promote psychic health using an online device?von Wyl, Agnes
2014Stress und soziale Unterstützung bei Jugendlichen im ersten Jahr einer Berufsausbildungvon Wyl, Agnes; Leu, Sabrina
2018Stress und soziale Unterstützung im ersten Jahr einer BerufsausbildungHösli-Leu, Sabrina; Wade-Bohleber, Laura Maria; von Wyl, Agnes
Apr-2017Supported Education in der Schweiz : Hilfe für junge Erwachsene beim Übertritt in das BerufslebenSabatella, Filomena; von Wyl, Agnes
2016The brief symptom inventory and the outcome questionnaire-45 in the assessment of the outcome quality of mental health interventionsCrameri, Aureliano; Schuetz, Christopher; Andreae, Andreas; Koemeda, Margit; Schulthess, Peter, et al
Jun-2017The characteristics of treatment dropout from child and adolescent outpatient psychotherapyvon Wyl, Agnes; Dill, Beatrice; Tissira, Safira
22-Jun-2012The importance of the parent-therapist alliance in child psychotherapyvon Wyl, Agnes; Jaeger, Manuela
2004The influence of prenatal triadic capacities on early mother-father-infant interaction patternsvon Wyl, Agnes; von Klitzing, Kai; Perren, Sonja; Bürgin, Dieter
24-Aug-2016The origins of mental toughness : prosocial behavior and low internalizing and externalizing problems at age 5 predict higher mental toughness scores at age 14Sadeghi Bahmani, Dena; Hatzinger, Martin; Gerber, Markus; Lemola, Sakari; Clough, Peter J., et al
2013The PAP-S (Practice of Ambulant Psychotherapy-Study), Switzerland : study design and feasibilityWyl, Agnes von; Crameri, Aureliano; Koemeda, Margrit; Tschuschke, Volker; Schulthess, Peter
2016The post-discharge network coordination programme : a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of an intervention aimed at reducing rehospitalizations and improving mental healthHengartner, Michael Pascal; Passalacqua, Silvia; Heim, Gisela; Andreae, Andreas; Rössler, Wulf, et al
2017The role of perceived social support after psychiatric hospitalisation : post hoc analysis of a randomised controlled trial testing the effectiveness of a transitional interventionHengartner, Michael Pascal; Passalacqua, Silvia; Andreae, Andreas; Rössler, Wulf; von Wyl, Agnes
2015The role of therapists‘ treatment adherence, professional experience, therapeutic alliance, and clients‘ severity of psychological problems: Prediction of treatment outcome in eight different psychotherapy approaches. Preliminary results of a naturalistic studyTschuschke, Volker; Crameri, Aureliano; Koehler, Miriam; Berglar, Jessica; Muth, Katharina, et al
2014The role of treatment adherence in psychotherapyTschuschke, Volker; von Wyl, Agnes; Crameri, Aureliano; Koemeda-Lutz, Margit; Schulhess, Peter
2015The societal costs of schizophrenia in SwitzerlandPletscher, Mark; Mattli, Renato; Reich, Oliver; von Wyl, Agnes; Wieser, Simon
2009The specificity and the development of social-emotional competence in a multi-ethnic-classroomPetrowski, Katja; Herold, Ulf; Joraschky, Peter; von Wyl, Agnes; Cierpka, Manfred
Jun-2016The therapeutic alliance in psychiatric case management : outcome and process research in a naturalistic study in Switzerlandvon Wyl, Agnes; Crameri, Aureliano; Passalacqua, Silvia
2019The therapists’ training and their attitudes towards therapy as predictors of therapeutic interventionsCrameri, Aureliano; Tschuschke, Volker; Koemeda, Margit; Schulthess, Peter; von Wyl, Agnes