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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013Calorie labeling of menus : a feasibility study in a university cafeteriaSych, Janice Marie; Brombach, Christine; Müller, Claudia; Fotouhinia, Maryam
2019Cultural differences in diet and determinants of diet quality in Switzerland : results from the national nutrition survey menuCHPestoni, Giulia; Krieger, Jean-Philippe; Sych, Janice Marie; Faeh, David; Rohrmann, Sabine
8-Oct-2020Daily and meal-based assessment of dairy and corresponding protein intake in Switzerland : results from the National Nutrition Survey menuCHInanir, Dilara; Kaelin, Ivo; Pestoni, Giulia; Faeh, David; Müller, Nadina, et al
10-Mar-2019Dairy consumption and its distribution throughout the day in the Swiss language regions : results from the national nutrition survey menuCHInanir, Dilara; Kaelin, Ivo; Müller, Claudia; Rohrmann, Sabine; Sych, Janice Marie
Sep-2018Determinants of diet quality and differences in food consumption between language regions of SwitzerlandSych, Janice Marie
Sep-2018Determinants of diet quality and differences in food consumption between Swiss language regionsPestoni, G.; Krieger, J.-P.; Sych, J. M.; Fäh, D.; Rohrmann, S.
2012Development of a novel functional drink containing Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) for the aging populationSych, Janice Marie; Hühn, Tilo; Brombach, Christine; Good, Stephanie; Brunner, Urs
2010Development of an online food frequency questionnaire for SwitzerlandBrombach, Christine; Böttcher, Normen; Good, Stephanie; Meier, Sibylle; Müller, Claudia, et al
2015Development of functional products with dried micro-algae : consumer acceptance and nutritional benefitsSych, Janice Marie; Levy, Clemens; Stadler, Marina
2013Development of multifunctional bakery bio-ingredients containing two important vitamins, folate and B12Sych, Janice Marie; Miescher Schwenninger, Susanne; Grattepanche, Franck; Kinner, Mathias; Kleinert, Michael, et al
2018Dietary patterns and their sociodemographic and lifestyle determinants in Switzerland : results from the national nutrition survey menuCHKrieger, Jean-Philippe; Pestoni, Giulia; Cabaset, Sophie; Brombach, Christine; Sych, Janice Marie, et al
2018Estimation and characterization of different types of vegetarians in a swiss universitySych, Janice Marie
Apr-2014Estimation of critical vitamins in seniors by food frequency questionnaire and lifestyleSych, Janice Marie; Clauss, Anne Sophie; Bongartz, Annette; Brombach, Christine
2-Dec-2015Exopolysaccharides from co-cultures of Weissella confusa 11GU-1 and Propionibacterium freudenreichii JS15 act synergistically on wheat dough and bread textureTinzl-Malang, Saskia Katharina; Rast, Peter; Grattepanche, Franck; Sych, Janice Marie; Lacroix, Christophe
14-Nov-2013Guiding the development of multi-functional ingredients for bakery products : an overviewSych, Janice Marie; Kinner, Mathias; Popp, Martin; Miescher Schwenninger, Susanne; Bongartz, Annette, et al
3-Dec-2020Inadequate status and low awareness of folate in Switzerland : a call to strengthen public health measures to ensure sufficient intakesHerter-Aeberli, Isabelle; Wehrli, Nina; Bärlocher, Kurt; Andersson, Maria; Sych, Janice Marie
2019Intake of processed meat and association with sociodemographic and lifestyle factors in a representative sample of the Swiss populationSych, Janice; Kaelin, Ivo; Gerlach, Fabienne; Wróbel, Anna; Le, Thu, et al
2015Knowledge and awareness of relevant aspects of folate/folic acid among young men and women in SwitzerlandSych, Janice Marie; Baumer, Beatrice; Steinemann, Nina; Küttel-Wuillemin, Martina; Bärlocher, Kurt, et al
2015Kriterien zur Beurteilung für das an Kinder gerichtete Lebensmittelmarketing : EndberichtBaumer, Beatrice; Brombach, Christine; Knöbel, Henriette; Lipp, Beatrice; Sych, Janice Marie
7-Nov-2018Le type de déjeuner est-il associé à la qualité globale de l’alimentation en Suisse? Données de l’enquête nationale sur l’alimentation menuCHKrieger, Jean-Philippe; Chatelan, Angeline; Pestoni, Giulia; Sych, Janice Marie; Faeh, David, et al