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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Microcapsules engineered to support mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) survival and proliferation enable long-term retention of MSCs in infarcted myocardiumBlocki, Anna; Beyer, Sebastian; Dewavrin, Jean-Yves; Goralczyk, Anna; Wang, Yingting, et al
2014Mitochondrial routing of glucose and sucrose polymers after pinocytotic uptake : avenues for drug deliveryRashid, Rafi; Beyer, Sebastian; Blocki, Anna; Le Visage, Catherine; Trau, Dieter, et al
2018Molecular Crowding – (in Cell Culture)Badowski, Cedric; Iskander, Aneesa; Gaspar, Diana; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.; Raghunath, Michael
2013Not all MSCs can act as pericytes : functional In vitro assays to distinguish pericytes from other mesenchymal stem cells in angiogenesisBlocki, Anna; Wang, Yingting; Koch, Maria; Peh, Priscilla; Beyer, Sebastian, et al
2014Novel use for polyvinylpyrrolidone as a macromolecular crowder for enhanced extracellular matrix deposition and cell proliferationRashid, Rafi; Lim, Natalie Sheng Jie; Chee, Stella Min Ling; Png, Si Ning; Wohland, Thorsten, et al
2017Optical visualisation of thermogenesis in stimulated singlecell brown adipocytesKriszt, Rókus; Arai, Satoshi; Itoh, Hideki; Lee, Michelle H.; Goralczyk, Anna G., et al
2009Pharmacologically induced angiogenesis in transgenic zebrafishRaghunath, Michael; Wong, Yuan Sy; Farooq, Muhammad; Gee, Ruowen
2018RGB‐Color intensiometric indicators to visualize spatiotemporal dynamics of ATP in single cellsArai, Satoshi; Kriszt, Rókus; Harada, Kazuki; Looi, Liang‐Sheng; Matsuda, Shogo, et al
2015Simultaneous delivery of highly diverse bioactive compounds from blend electrospun fibers for skin wound healingPeh, Priscilla; Lim, Natalie Sheng Jie; Blocki, Anna; Chee, Stella Min Ling; Park, Heyjin Chris, et al
2015Sourcing of an alternative pericyte-like cell type from peripheral blood generated with pulsed macromolecular crowdingBlocki, Anna; Wang, Yingting; Koch, Maria; Goralczyk, Anna; Beyer, Sebastian, et al
2009Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid : a potential epigenetic therapeutic agent for lung fibrosis?Wang, Z.; Chen, C.; Finger, S. N.; Kwajah M.M, S. d/o; Jung, M., et al
2015Synergistic rate boosting of collagen fibrillogenesis in heterogeneous mixtures of crowding agentsDewavrin, Jean-Yves; Abdurrahiem, Muhammed; Blocki, Anna; Musib, Mrinal; Piazza, Francesco, et al
2018TEDD annual meeting with 3D bioprinting workshopRaghunath, Michael; Rimann, Markus; Kopanska, Katarzyna S.; Laternser, Sandra
1-May-2013Telomere length analysis of human mesenchymal stem cells by quantitative PCRSamsonraj, Rebekah M; Raghunath, Michael; Hui, James H; Ling, Ling; Nurcombe, Victor, et al
2018The collagen suprafamily : from biosynthesis to advanced biomaterial developmentSorushanova, Anna; Delgado, Luis M.; Wu, Zhuning; Shologu, Naledi; Kshirsagar, Aniket, et al
2018The controversial origin of pericytes during angiogenesis : implications for cell-based therapeutic angiogenesis and cell-based therapiesBlocki, Anna; Beyer, Sebastian; Jung, Friedrich; Raghunath, Michael
2009The Scar‐in‐a‐Jar : studying potential antifibrotic compounds from the epigenetic to extracellular level in a single wellChen, C.Z.C.; Fish, P.V.; Peng, Y.X.; Wang, Z.B.; Kaar, J.L., et al
Aug-2017TRP channels in brown and white adipogenesis from human progenitors : new therapeutic targets and the caveats associated with the common antibiotic, streptomycinGoralczyk, Anna; van Vijven, Marc; Koch, Mathilde; Badowski, Cedric; Yassin, M. Shabeer, et al
2014Tuning the architecture of 3D collagen hydrogels by physiological macromolecular crowdingDewavrin, Jean-Yves; Hamzavi, Nader; Shim, V.P.W.; Raghunath, Michael
2014Tuning the architecture of three-dimensional collagen hydrogels by physiological macromolecular crowdingDewavrin, Jean-Yves; Hamzavi, Nader; Shim, V.P.W.; Raghunath, Michael